Aug 31, 2007

Day Five .. I survived ... barely

Okay, okay, I knew I should have planned for this day as soon as Darrell told me he was going into work at 6am today ... but no, we got in late from the Parent Teacher conferences (gotta write about that in another entry) and I stayed up last night like I was gonna have my normal routine. What a mistake!

First, I got up BEFORE Darrell at 4am because I thought I heard something in the kitchen and of course, it was nothing .. so then I make my way back to the bedroom when I remember .. oh yes, Darrell and Ethan need their jeans dried to wear today ..why didn't I wash that load of cold water clothes say Monday or Tuesday? I put their things in the dryer, turn it on and head back to the .... no wait, Darrell needs 3 onions chopped to take to work for some sort of "potluck" today. I chop the onions, put them in a bowl .. okay, where is the top for the blasted bowl!!!???????? (I need to bridle my tongue) Oh here it is! Okay, now for 30 minutes of sleep, well .. I might as well iron Ethan's school t-shirt and jeans, but no the jeans are in the dryer, so I will lay shirt on the ironing board and iron the jeans as soon as they dry.

Well, let me check to see if Beth Moore has added the info for the Fiesta Siesta next year .. I wanna make sure I get my ticket before they sell out. YEAH! She has! .. ohh, let me call the hotel and see if I can make a reservation this early in advance .. call .. ok, no, not until next week. Okay .. by now it is 4:45am and I just read about the 5am club last night and say ok, I will give it a try. So I started and finished my devotion - Listening to your conscience and by now Darrell is up ready to go. I make him an oatmeal packet (I make them instead of buying them and it has been so much CHEAPER) to take to work and get some snacks together (long day for him) and put everything together with his onions. Thank goodness I didn't have to make him lunch.

I lay down on the sofa because if I go back in the bedroom now, DeClan will be staring me right in the eyes. I fall asleep at 6am and then around 7:10am, Ethan and Austin are whispering trying NOT to wake mommy up! I jump up, get their oatmeal in the pan, but the water is taking waaaay tooo long to boil. I dump it all in the microwave, turn it on. I give Ethan his morning meds and head to the back for wash ups (they got baths last night)diaper changes and fresh new clothes for the younger two. Everyone heads to the table and highchairs for the oatmeal and make a quick egg sandwich for me to grab when we leave for school. Now I need a shower. I make EVERYONE stay still in my room while I get showered and changed and then make a mad dash to the front for the carseat for DeClan. I look at the clock and it is 7:40 .. oh now .. we HAVE to be there by 7:55 so Ethan can be IN his seat by 8:00am. (Darrell usually takes him .. whew there is no way!

We get to the school, I pop open the door, Ethan gets out w/ a quick brush of the hair and wipe the milk mooostache off the lips and says goodbye! I swing around to the parent parking lot, get the younger men out and go to the school office to fill ALL THE enrollment paperwork Ethan forgot to bring home Monday!!!! I fill out the paperwork, get back in van, run 4 errands and come home ..... only to discover that Ethan does NOT have lunch. We get back in the car, get back to the school, ALL of us get out, go to the cafeteria, load up Ethan's lunch account, say hi to Ethan (who is glad see the $$$, errr, ME)

We get back in the car to run 1 more errand. BY now it is 2:15 and Ethan will get out around 3:15 .. get it? 3 trips to the school today ... now we are home, the baby is napping and I am about to make, excuse me, call for dinner from the pizza joint up the street and throw some lettuce, onions (had some left from this AM), tomatoes and cucumbers in a bowl, serve it with a smile and fall into bed.

I REALLY love being a wife and mom, but as my friend Chrystal once said - Being a Wife and Mother Ain't for punks !! Pardon Me!

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