Aug 28, 2007

On the second day of school my son's teacher gave to me ...

Who is in school anyway? Me or Ethan (10)? I have so much homework, papers for this, papers for that, sign this, copy the water bill to verify we live where do .. (I know we live here, I just paid the mortgage) send email address to the 4 new teachers Ethan will have this year to make sure they like to communicate via email? Okkkkayyy ... and have it all back by tomorrow. They didn't ask for a copy of the marriage license, but I better get a copy of it just in case. Homeschooling looks soooo good right now, especially since I had to get up early to make lunches for Ethan and hubby since I didn't do it last night....oh yeah and iron ye ole clothes since I didn't do that last night either. Oh yeah and meet the teacher night is Thursday, so I better get myself and my closet prepared for the interview, ummm, I mean, meeting. Gotta go now .. I must finish din din before hubbie comes in and out (church night tonight) and make sure the homework sheet I saw in Ethan's folder gets checked and back in the backpack before the cock crows.

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