Aug 28, 2008

Memories ... Summer has gone bye bye ...

We are THAT family is having a blog hop vacation party today!! See what we did and then hop on over to Kristen's blog to join in on the fun!

I must thank the Make A Wish Foundation for granting Ethan's wish of spending some time with Mickey Mouse and all his friends!! Our family had not taken a vacation since Ethan was diagnosed with his tumor and this vacation week was a HUGE blessing! Thank you just doesn't seem like enough words.

We didn't have to worry about a thing! Interestingly enough, God allowed us to have this vacation on the 5th anniversary of Ethan's diagnosis ...what timing our God has! 2003- News of the tumor, 2008, celebration of the partial removal of the tumor, seizure free for 2 years AND a vacation for the whole family!
Here's Ethan at Disney's Hollywood Studios - The ToyStory ride. All 5 of us got to ride an compete on this interactive ride. The wait was 2 hours, but because Ethan was a wish kid, our wait was 0!!!
My mousekateers, M-I-C-K-E-Y, M O U S E ...

This is the ice cream shoppe where we ate unlimited FREE ice cream ALL week.
The carousel my kids refused to ride .... but they always want to pay and ride at the mall ...
The pool ... always nice to have a frog spitting right at you .. huh?
The villa where we stay for the week .. ahhh .. this IS luxury!
The train conductor let Ethan drive ... watch out .. he is trying to drive AND drink fresh lemonade!

Give Kids the World brings Santa in every week for all the children who stay here to talk to and ask for early presents!!! Look how DeClan is behavin? What is it about that bearded guy that makes kiddos scream and run for dear life? Had I remembered Santa was coming, the boys would have had on matching outfits. :) You know how we moms can be ...
One of the highlights of the trip! Taking pics with Mickey and Minnie. I felt like I was in the presence of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. I had goosebumps on my arms. You are never too old to get excited about Mickey!
Austin giving a rare hug to Mickey.
The whole family with the mice. This is THE LAST time you will see me smiling in the presence of a mouse!
Our home away from home while we were in Florida. GKTW works with Make A Wish to make sure wish families have a fun filled all expense paid vacation. We ALL cried when we left, but plan to go back to Give Kids the World to volunteer as a family and help raise money for this wonderful organization!

Here we go again ....

DeClan is definitely walking in the shoes of his big brother Austin. I was looking for him today .. he was so quiet ... and found him in the pantry .. yes, those are potato chips, ones I had already said he could NOT have. He was trying to be so quiet while he ate them .....
Think back ....

Aug 26, 2008

First Week of School and Ethan is in Junior High ....

so what does that make me?


Back later in the week to recap this week in junior high! Boy do I miss the summer!

Aug 22, 2008

Friends in High Places

I've got hope when things look bad
And I can smile when I should be sad
I've got friends who lift me up when I'm feeling low
And they watch over me wherever I may go
I've got friends in high places
So high but not so far away
I've got friends in high places
And I'm gonna be with them someday
There's the Father right by His Son
And the angels, each and everyone
And other friends I miss so much and I long to see
But knowing ill be with them one day comforts me
I've got friends in high places
So high but not so far away
I've got friends in high places
And I'm gonna be with them someday
Why should I run
Why should I hide
What's there to fear
When my friends are on my side
I've got friends in high places
So high but not so far away
I've got friends in high places
And I'm gonna be with them someday
I've got friends in high places
So high but not so far away
I've got friends in high places
And I'm gonna be with them
Yes, I'm gonna be with them someday

Aug 21, 2008

Praying for Joseph

Joseph lives with Jesus now ........ He went home with our Lord Thursday afternoon. Please pray for his family.

I "met" this precious little boy through the blogworld, but I don't remember how. All I know is his story has caused me to pray for him throughout his journey with a brain tumor, especially after what we went through with Ethan.

His parents have been given the news no parent wants to hear. Once again I am and hope you will "Pray for Joseph".

Aug 18, 2008

Mistreatment ... a new definition

I was turned on to a delightful new blog "The Nesting Place" a few weeks ago and I have not stopped stalking, I mean visting her blog since the first day. Today, she is having a "mistreatment" party and I decided to join in on the fun and steal, I mean get some ideas from other ladies around the country.
I did this "mistreatment" on our windows when we lived in an apartment and I could not, would not commit to a curtin rod because I knew we would be moving soon.
I just purchased wrought iron towel holders from Target and placed my bargin fabric through handles. I have an old world theme going on throughout the front area of my house.

I use long flowing fabric in the fall and winter. I just couldn't bear having floor length fabric when it is was 200 degrees outside. I'm sorry, it was making me hot just looking at it.
See, here it is up close. Now I need to add some more PIZZAZ to the window, the wall and add a little paint :)

BUT since I have been on the Nester's blog, I have so many, many plans for every room in my house! I can't sew and a LOT of her ideas don't involve anything more than a glue gun! Hobby Lobby, here I come!


Stop by her blog .. you never know what you may find!

Aug 16, 2008

My Life, My Love, My all

This song by Kirk Franklin ministers to me EVERYTIME I hear it. I surrender my life COMPLETELY to You LORD!

Aug 13, 2008

We interrupt this bloogy break ..

.... to show you how lazy we have all been around here ... school starts in 10 days and we have been no where near the school supply aisle.

Ethan's been making lunch for everyone .. who knew PB&J with a popcorn appetizer could be so good .... mmmmmm
Here's baby DeClan finishing off a verse of Twinkle, Twinkle little star ... "how I wonder what you AAAARRREEE!!!!!
DH won some tickets to a local baseball game. As you can see DH and Ethan are bored to tears by the game .. our team was losing BADLY ... DH couldn't wait to get on the phone .... and .. we left shortly after this shot ... the score was 10 - 3 .....

Opinions of our first baseball game together changed a little once we got some food for the bellies ... so thankful that food and sodas were included with the FREE tickets!! WhoooHooo .. someone out there knows it takes more than an $20 to feed my brood ..... especially at this stadium where $20 will pay for your hot dog, coke and cotton candy!!!
I have every intention to start blogging regularly again this weekend. I need to get in school/mama of a son in junior high mode REAL soon ..

Aug 4, 2008

Slippery Slope

OK .. I admit it. I CANNOT feed, clothe, bathe 3 boys AND be a wife, lover, best friend, AND clean, wash, grocery shop, AND volunteer at church, at the nursing home, at an adoption ministry AND get ready for school in two weeks ..... AND


Unless you have a strange desire to read o so boring material or at least a little more than what you get anyway .. hehehe ...

So, I am joining the millions of women who have decided to take a break from my award winning, tickle your bone, laugh out loud posts until I can get a handle on it over here. I don't know how to autopost (I'm not sure if blogger has that feature), but the archives are an open book.

Ethan starts school later in the month and perhaps the daily inspiring posts will pick back up at that time and the 2 of you will be very happy! (SMILE)