Aug 13, 2008

We interrupt this bloogy break ..

.... to show you how lazy we have all been around here ... school starts in 10 days and we have been no where near the school supply aisle.

Ethan's been making lunch for everyone .. who knew PB&J with a popcorn appetizer could be so good .... mmmmmm
Here's baby DeClan finishing off a verse of Twinkle, Twinkle little star ... "how I wonder what you AAAARRREEE!!!!!
DH won some tickets to a local baseball game. As you can see DH and Ethan are bored to tears by the game .. our team was losing BADLY ... DH couldn't wait to get on the phone .... and .. we left shortly after this shot ... the score was 10 - 3 .....

Opinions of our first baseball game together changed a little once we got some food for the bellies ... so thankful that food and sodas were included with the FREE tickets!! WhoooHooo .. someone out there knows it takes more than an $20 to feed my brood ..... especially at this stadium where $20 will pay for your hot dog, coke and cotton candy!!!
I have every intention to start blogging regularly again this weekend. I need to get in school/mama of a son in junior high mode REAL soon ..


proudgrits11 said...

HI! I know you're breaking, but...
Just FYI, I posted the final result of my wall art trio project!!
P.S. I took a blog break, too, and totally agree with you--but then again, we can't "do it all," PERIOD!! Add to that...we can't do anything without God!! but through Him, all things are possible!! :)
Hope your break goes great!

Cheri-Beri said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) My daughter went to a baseball game (minor league) and I think they had fun. My sis in law got free tickets, too. They were in a suite!