Apr 22, 2009

Among other things ....

I have started 5 posts since tax day, but cannot seem to get around to finishing them. Every single time something steps in the way of my thoughts and I never get around to pushing "publish".

I started TWITTERING a few days ago and really like it, but I am still figuring out what to do, what is proper etiquette, who should I follow, etc. etc.

I am also planning our vacation for 2009. We were all set to go in June, but DH's job has not approved his dates, so it looks like July now. That is ok, a few more paychecks to save some money and work some overtime. We try to have vacations BIG or SMALL without using the household $$$.

Last year was the first year I felt comfortable with all of us traveling somewhere other than KY for vacation. We had a blast and wish Disney was in the works for this year too, but it isn't, so I am trying to plan something fun, educational and just as memorable ... and yeah, CHEAP .. sorry inexpensive :)

Back in the real world, we are trying to find Ethan a new school for next year. He has a good year at his junior high, BUT he needs a change. There are some things we cannot change and do not want him to be a part of next year.

So, I have a busy day, full of "things" to do. Nuthin special, just necessary.

Apr 14, 2009

Uncle Sam Wants ME?

Have you finished your taxes? We .. have .. NOT! See ya on the other side of April 15th ....

Apr 12, 2009

Resurrection Sunday

The tomb IS empty!!! HE IS RISEN!!

Do YOU know HIM? (Please click here to make sure, you KNOW who HE is!)

Apr 11, 2009

Family Day

DeClan tasting an orange ... he ate at every booth today .. :)
Beautiful fruit and veggies, no chemicals ...

DeClan with another orange .. see I told he ate the whole trip ..

More wonderful fruit .. the aroma .. made me want to buy everything!

God knows what is best ... I tell myself that all .. the .. time ...
MY plan was to spend the morning with a dear friend, her mother, aunt and grandmother sitting at their feet. These women are ALL Godly women and my friend invited a few of us to hear from them. Oh, how I wanted to be there .. to get some advice and just be blessed by these women. You know a kinda Titus 2 time with these women.
BUT GOD had a different plan for my Saturday.
A series of mishaps, miscommunication, and misunderstandings .. and I wasn't able to attend, BUT I was able to spend some much needed time with MY family .. with no schedule or time frames.
We took a field trip with the kids and ended up at our local farmers market ..... AND HAD A blast!!!!!
Thank you Lord .. for stirring me in another direction ......NOT that I didn't need a word from the Lord, but I needed to be with my family .. especially after the hectic week we had ....

Apr 8, 2009

80 degree day!

and the popsicles came right on out!

Apr 3, 2009

Haircut Day!

Looking at cars ... DeClan: "wow, a BMW convertible!"
Finally, DeClan let me cut his hair! I love little boys with their DEFINED haircuts in the spring and summer!