May 24, 2008

I love my peeps!

This is what happens when the heat (95 degrees here today) hits right at home! We are ALL delirious!!!!!!

May 21, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman

I just read the story.
I don't know him personally, but my heart goes out to him and his family.

Read here and then pray for them.

May 19, 2008


I gotta get some around here. I am teetering on empty ....

End of school events, potty training, field trips, room mom assignments, cooking, washing clothes, preparing for a week long vacation, packing three boys and a husband for said vacation, VBS/vacation bible school, church ladies conference committee assignments, science projects, vehicle registration, holding USPS mail, vehicle inspections, oil changes, summer item shopping, finding cheap gas, mapping out summer to dos without spending a lot of money or driving away my rainy day fund, pay bills, finding a driver to drop off and pick up at airport or finding service to drop off our car and take us to the gate, water the grass, plant some summer flowers, buy said flowers to plant, BBQ hamburgers, church picnic, get Father's Day cards/gifts, celebrate Gran Gran's birthday, make a to do list ... enjoy family, enjoy life ...

there is so much more to do .. I just need BALANCE!

May 14, 2008


God is up to something and it IS something BIG. This little girl's story brought tears to my eyes, but has also given me the opportunity to PRAY.

Acts 12:5
"Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him."

Different scenario, but same in that we should pray on behalf of others ...

Read all about what God is doing for JESSIE.

May 11, 2008

Mother's Day ...

Happy Mother's Day to you! I pray you have a great day today with your families. Treasure EVERY moment and well wish you recieve today.

I spent my day with my family and we did something we rarely do. We were in the mall on a Sunday. We are ALWAYS at home spending time alone .. we call Sundays Family Day and everyone around us knows we are UNAVAILABLE and will only leave the house or except visitors under special situations.

This way we know without a shadow of a doubt, we will always SEE each other face to face .. ALL DAY long. We always go to early service and hubby cooks breakfast every Sunday, and then we talk, sleep, eat, watch movies, pray, sleep more, talk and just plain enjoy each other's company.

But today, we threw caution to the wind and spent time at an outlet mall. Hubby kept saying "get it" , "get it", but of course I could never find anything I like or that fit. (hehehe) so I ended up buying items for the kids and hubby for our upcoming vacation to Disney.

Most of all today .. I miss my mom. 13 years ago today, she went home to be with the Lord and Mother's Day has been so different since that year. God has give me children to celebrate with, but I still miss her very much.

Wish I could give her a big ole hug right now .....

May 10, 2008

For Every Mountain

This version is sung by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

[Verse 1:]
I've got so much to thank God for,
so many wonderful blessings,
and so many open doors,
a brand new mercy along with each new day;
that's why I praise You, and for this I give You praise.

[Verse 2:]
For waking me up this morning, (that's why I praise You),
for starting me on my way, (that's why I praise You),
for letting me see the sunshine, (that's why I praise You),
of a brand new day (oh).
A brand new mercy (that's why I praise You),
along with each new day;
(that's why I praise You, for this I give You praise).

[Verse 3:]
You're Jehovah Jireh (that's why I praise You),
You've been my provider (that's why I praise You),
so many times You met my needs (that's why I praise You),
so many times You rescued me (oh).
I wanna thank You for the blessings (that's why I praise You),
You give to me each day;
(that's why I praise You, for this I give You praise).

For every mountain You've brought me over.
For every trial You've seen me through.
For every blessing, hallelujah;
for this I give You praise.

May 9, 2008

And we are off!

"Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on"
(Blogger is acting up today, so pardon the jumble ....)
As the end of school winds down, the "outdoor" events are starting to line up. I do not like the "out of doors". (at least not while I am outside in it, unless I am on a beach in Jamaica or something).
Ethan has field day today ... and we have a field trip next week that Ethan says he would like to see at least one parent attend. (Now who could be talking about?)
Austin's 3rd birthday is drawing near, so I am planning a party for him although we are having a play date party for him today with his little friends.
DeClan is now 18months, but he and Austin are starting to look and act like twins .... twins ..2 active little boys for the price of mommy's sanity. :)
Have a great weekend !!!

May 5, 2008


Austin went peepee in the potty! By himself! I didn't have to tell him! He went on his own!

Can you tell I AM excited!??? !!!

We are having a party and breaking out the M&Ms! For any potty training momma, you KNOW what a victory this is for us AND Austin who is walking around the house like a big boy with his Melmo (Elmo) underwear!!!

May 3, 2008

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

God has been so faithful to me and my family! I simply cannot say it enough.

If I could carry a tune, I would sing His praises like this.

This beautiful rendition is by Babbie Mason.

May 1, 2008

Less than $5.00

With the rising cost of EVERYTHING .. I am really trying to keep my family from falling flat on their faces at dinner and yelling ... "Please mom, no more spaghetti !!!!"

I am trying to keep the costs at bay while filling bellies and tonite I hit a home run.

Main: Bear Creek Tortilla Soup Mix (added chicken) (3.34) w/ toppings
Side: Mexican Veggie Combo (Kroger Frozen $1.00)
Total cost: 4.34 (because I had the chicken breast from the chicken I cooked earlier)

Normally I make my soup from scratch, but I have not had the energy due to a lot of things going on around here .... anyhoo ...Everybody came back for seconds and THANK GOD this made enough for them to get full and I can have lunch Friday.

I think I may be on to something here .... stay tuned ...