May 9, 2008

And we are off!

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(Blogger is acting up today, so pardon the jumble ....)
As the end of school winds down, the "outdoor" events are starting to line up. I do not like the "out of doors". (at least not while I am outside in it, unless I am on a beach in Jamaica or something).
Ethan has field day today ... and we have a field trip next week that Ethan says he would like to see at least one parent attend. (Now who could be talking about?)
Austin's 3rd birthday is drawing near, so I am planning a party for him although we are having a play date party for him today with his little friends.
DeClan is now 18months, but he and Austin are starting to look and act like twins .... twins ..2 active little boys for the price of mommy's sanity. :)
Have a great weekend !!!

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