May 1, 2008

Less than $5.00

With the rising cost of EVERYTHING .. I am really trying to keep my family from falling flat on their faces at dinner and yelling ... "Please mom, no more spaghetti !!!!"

I am trying to keep the costs at bay while filling bellies and tonite I hit a home run.

Main: Bear Creek Tortilla Soup Mix (added chicken) (3.34) w/ toppings
Side: Mexican Veggie Combo (Kroger Frozen $1.00)
Total cost: 4.34 (because I had the chicken breast from the chicken I cooked earlier)

Normally I make my soup from scratch, but I have not had the energy due to a lot of things going on around here .... anyhoo ...Everybody came back for seconds and THANK GOD this made enough for them to get full and I can have lunch Friday.

I think I may be on to something here .... stay tuned ...

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Jenn Jenn said...

You go girl...

**Givin' Jai a high five**