May 5, 2008


Austin went peepee in the potty! By himself! I didn't have to tell him! He went on his own!

Can you tell I AM excited!??? !!!

We are having a party and breaking out the M&Ms! For any potty training momma, you KNOW what a victory this is for us AND Austin who is walking around the house like a big boy with his Melmo (Elmo) underwear!!!


Jenn Jenn said...


Yay !! For Austin !!! Whoo Hoo !!!


Sita Henderson said...

Oh my, that seems like such a LONG time ago...amazing how we rejoice at seeing our children take the next step. Just think of the celebration in heaven when we take each step of obedience and draw one step closer to Him! Wow! Be blessed, Jai.
love, Sita