Feb 25, 2009

I've come FULL circle ....

Back in December, just a few days AFTER my anniversary mind you, I broke my right wrist. Yeah, the one is use everyday. I am right handed.

As soon as it happened, I knew it was broken. I tried to reason with myself and said it was a bad sprain, but deep down I knew ... it was broken.

Turns out, it was broken in three places.

So since December 18th, I have worn some sort of apparatus on my hand, wrist and part of my arm to support the broken places and since January 2, I have had the pleasure of having metal screws in my wrist to help me heal correctly.

My surgeon is great, but very OLD FASHIONED! He performed the surgery and put the ugliest cast I have ever seen on someone on MY wrist. You know the one .. the elephant leg, paper mache, loaded lead balloon cast on my wrist .. that doesn't go with anything. :)

Thank goodness I broke my wrist in the winter so I could actually put on a turtleneck or sweats from time to time because if I had broken it this spring .. whew ... Stacy London (What Not to Wear) would have had a sensors a blazin and headed my way!

Well, yesterday the cast came off!!!! Yeah! right? yea? ..... I thought I would be thrilled, but instead I am longing for the comfort of that cast cave I kept my hand in these past 8 weeks.

Why is that?

For one .. my arm hurts, not major pain, but it hurts
Two .. I can only move my wrist in one direction
Three .. twice a week therapy starts next week .. and that is the LAST thing I need .. someone yelling at me to try harder, try harder.

I could go on and one, but I will stop whining.

I have discovered that it is easier to wear the cast and JUST do what I can do than to have it off and HAVE to work hard to do what I do.

I don't really want to work for it, but I want the joy and fulfillment and want cut to the chase and see the "reveal" or the result of hard work without the hard work.

I want the easy way out. Just being honest. That is NOT what God had planned for me. The easy way .... at least not all the time.

To be continued ...... my hand hurts ...

Feb 22, 2009

My husband rocks!

In more than one ... I am a little late for the S.W.A.K. Carnivale sponsored by We are THAT family, but it is NEVER too late to brag on my sweetie!

My husband rocks because he ...

Prays for with and for his family
He thinks about us when making decisions
He wears the head of the household hat very well
He stepped right in and took over ALL my duties when I broke my wrist
He changes poppie diapers
He prays w/ Ethan before school
He has set an example of a Godly man for our children
He says he loves me FOREVER
He is committed to our marriage and to our family
HE IS SO DARN HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He works hard so I can be at home w/ the children
He shampoos and conditions my hair
He paints my toes!
He spends time w/ his boys (playing AND teaching)
He is a GREAT husband
He is a GREAT father
He loves the women in his family
He folds clothes all the time (I absolutely hate to do this)
He married me twice! (Part of our love testimony!)
His children love and adore him.
My parents LOVED him!
He calls me three times a day to check on me (10am, 1pm, and 4pm)

He Loves me and I loooove him!

Feb 20, 2009

What did you do today?

Or sometimes people ask me what do you do all day at home? My answers always sound so simple to me, but not simple enough to match my exhaustion.

So I decided to chart my day and see ... what this mother of three boys does in a single day.

3:30am - Woke up because I could not sleep, started a load of laundry, sorted clothes for Ethan
4:15am - Laid on the sofa instead of getting into bed
6:45am - Woke up again

Thanked the Lord for waking me up and asked Him how can I serve Him today

7:00am - Woke up Ethan
7:05am - Got his meds and breakfast together
7:15am - Ironed Ethan's clothes
7:20am - Tods are up and ready to eat, but I am not ready for them ..
7:30am - Got Ethan and DH's lunches together
7:50am - Inspected Ethan's face and hair, homework
7:55am - Breakfast for the tods
8:15am - Checked my email, check my work assignments and read a FEW blogs
8:30am - Finished lunch for DH
8:35am - Stand at the door w/ tods to wave bye bye to DH
8:40am - Change DeClan's diaper
8:50am - Clean up breakfast dishes/unload/load dishwasher (can't get my cast wet)
9:15am - Start another load of clothes
9:30am - My work @ home assignments w/ tods coloring, working on letters, books
10:30am - Tods tell me it is time for snack
11:00am - Take a call from Ethan's school ..oops gotta go up there
11:05am - Get tods dressed (w/ one hand)
11:20am - Shower/get dressed
11:50am - Load tods in the van
12:00pm - Leave

All that hard work for a 1 minute drive to the school and 5 minutes w/ the staff! Whew!

12:15pm - Come home, unload tods
12:20pm - Make lunch
12:45pm - Tods go down for a nap that never happens
12:45pm - Work @ home assignments
2:30pm - Make last calls for the afternoon
2:40pm - Change DeClan's diaper, search for shoes for tods (I hate this)
2:45pm - Load tods who NEVER slept in the van
2:50pm - Leave for carpool
3:00pm - Pick up first child in the carpool
3:12pm - Pick up second and third child in the carpool
3:35pm - Pick my own child
4:00pm - Drop off Children 1, 2 and 3 @ their home - go back to mine
4:20pm - Stop @ Wal-Mart, because I have not been able to grocery/coupon shop
5:15pm - Come home
5:25pm - Sit down
5:25:30 - Get back up to help Austin in the bathroom
5:30pm - Try to do more of my @ home work
6:00pm - Start dinner
6:15pm - Referee arguments w/ the boys
6:25pm - Read to the tods
6:45pm - DH home
7:15pm - Eat dinner

And then the evening routine begins .. I am NOT even gonna try to list all the things I do, but let's just say it feels like more than all the things above combined.

I know I am not doing these things ALL right and I plan to switch some things around, but that will only allow some more items for the list NOT decrease the list. (If you noticed, cleaning the house was not mentioned ONE time today, except for the dishes) I want to get cleaning done during the day, so I can begin to go to bed earlier ..

I will also say that prayer will help, because when I give my day to the Lord FIRST .. He seems to give me more day to complete my lists ...

Heavenly Father .. do what You need to do to MY list ... I just want to be a servant of yours.

Feb 16, 2009

I luv my hub!

With no babysitters in sight Saturday, we made Valentine’s Day a “family of love” day. Took the kids to IHOP (doesn’t help that they have all you can eat pancakes!!), came home and I made them valentine bags w/ a little candy in them.

Hubby and I were able to have a quick dinner date Friday night (Thanks to his company having a parent night out).. it was nice and less crowded .. no wait, no reservations needed! It was very nice to be alone and be able to talk and laugh w/o life's interruptions. :)

Feb 8, 2009

My son .....

is 12 and has a crush .. oh gosh .. a crush on a girl .. funny thing is he is SO green (I like him that way) .. he asked her to a have lunch @ Taco B**** w/ her mom. He told her not to have any bright ideas ... that they could NOT be girlfriend/boyfriend until he was in high school.

Love that boy!!!

Feb 4, 2009

Harper's Going Home!!! Whohoo!

Thanks for your prayers for this precious little baby! I have never met nor do I know her mother, but the past 20 days have given me one more reason to talk to God.

Feb 1, 2009

Super Sunday

I am currently making smores for the family and listening to the "men" in my home hoop and holla like they were playing for the 45,000 prize money and the gigantic ring they keep flashing on the tv. DH is rooting for the Steelers, the littles are rooting for Kurt Warner and the Cardinals. (even the 2 year old who just finished his own chorus of "the Raiders, the Raiders Daddy, NOT the Steeloos".

I really like SuperSunday for the football, yes, but mainly the food. We are usually with relatives this day, but DH decided we should stay at home, so I decided to make everyone's favorite snack. Good idea at the time, but now I realize I should have focused on two items. Uhhh, remember, I only have one hand to cook with.

I have been making something different each hour for each "man" in the house. We have eaten spinach dip w/ wheat crackers, buffalo wings, Ham and White Cheddar pizza, Tortilla chips w/ Rotel dip, Chicken Quesadillas and Rice and now the S'Mores are baking in the oven. HELLO PEPTO!

Looks like the Steelers are gonna win .... drats!! I really wanted to hear Kurt Warner testify when they won. Not that all the players for the Steelers are agnostic or anything .. I'm just saying ...