Feb 22, 2009

My husband rocks!

In more than one ... I am a little late for the S.W.A.K. Carnivale sponsored by We are THAT family, but it is NEVER too late to brag on my sweetie!

My husband rocks because he ...

Prays for with and for his family
He thinks about us when making decisions
He wears the head of the household hat very well
He stepped right in and took over ALL my duties when I broke my wrist
He changes poppie diapers
He prays w/ Ethan before school
He has set an example of a Godly man for our children
He says he loves me FOREVER
He is committed to our marriage and to our family
HE IS SO DARN HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He works hard so I can be at home w/ the children
He shampoos and conditions my hair
He paints my toes!
He spends time w/ his boys (playing AND teaching)
He is a GREAT husband
He is a GREAT father
He loves the women in his family
He folds clothes all the time (I absolutely hate to do this)
He married me twice! (Part of our love testimony!)
His children love and adore him.
My parents LOVED him!
He calls me three times a day to check on me (10am, 1pm, and 4pm)

He Loves me and I loooove him!


Holly said...

What an awesome husband! :D

Jenn said...

Love me some D !!!! That is what I look forward to... :)

Thanks for sharing Jai !!!


Shannon said...

He does rock! :)