Feb 1, 2009

Super Sunday

I am currently making smores for the family and listening to the "men" in my home hoop and holla like they were playing for the 45,000 prize money and the gigantic ring they keep flashing on the tv. DH is rooting for the Steelers, the littles are rooting for Kurt Warner and the Cardinals. (even the 2 year old who just finished his own chorus of "the Raiders, the Raiders Daddy, NOT the Steeloos".

I really like SuperSunday for the football, yes, but mainly the food. We are usually with relatives this day, but DH decided we should stay at home, so I decided to make everyone's favorite snack. Good idea at the time, but now I realize I should have focused on two items. Uhhh, remember, I only have one hand to cook with.

I have been making something different each hour for each "man" in the house. We have eaten spinach dip w/ wheat crackers, buffalo wings, Ham and White Cheddar pizza, Tortilla chips w/ Rotel dip, Chicken Quesadillas and Rice and now the S'Mores are baking in the oven. HELLO PEPTO!

Looks like the Steelers are gonna win .... drats!! I really wanted to hear Kurt Warner testify when they won. Not that all the players for the Steelers are agnostic or anything .. I'm just saying ...

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