Dec 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

I simply cannot believe it is 12.31.2010. Wasn't it just Valentine's Day?

God has been simply amazing to my family in 2010 and I don't want to ever forget to praise Him for what He did or stop telling people how He changed my son's life by healing him this year. Seemed like yesterday that we were checking into the hospital for brain surgery and today I am sitting here watching that same son preparing to beat me in a game of Wii bowling.

SO many times my daddy would say "take it all in .. the days disappear quickly" and that is so true. I didn't always believe my daddy when he would say things like that, but I know, what he knew then.

Thanking the Lord for an amazing 2010 .. praying ahead for 2011 .. that I will hear from Him and be obedient to whatever is it He calls me to do.

Happy New Year to you and yours .. from me and mine!

Dec 26, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas ... from the Temptations....ok .. us!
I just adore my sons.
Yes, this is son #1. No more babies.

Hanging out at the outdoor mall. The decorations were wonderful and there was a LIVE nativity scene.

Christmas Day. It has been a gaming kinda year.

We finally got a Wii. No excuses anymore. Lots of weight to lose.

Daddy showing Mr. Know it all .. how to hold the nunchuck.

Ok dad, I got it now.

My own DS. YES!
It has been one of the best Christmas'. Not because of gifts, but because I think my kids really got it this year and we spent a lot of time w/ family.
Jesus is the reason for the season and my kids made sure they gave Jesus His gifts!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dec 16, 2010


15, 15, we are 15!

I remember when I met my best friend almost 16 years ago. It was after a class I was taking at church during Wednesday Night Bible study. I had signed up for another class which I didn't know at the time started 6 weeks later, so I decided to stay at church and drop in on another class.

After class a bunch of us stood in the hallway and a friend of mine introduced me to this very handsome man and said J perhaps you can assist this gentleman with finding a job. This handsome man was somewhat new to area and the job he currently had just wasn't the right fit and he was looking for a job in his field (which just happened to be radio/tv like me .. see how God works. :)

So D and I talked about the things he had done before moving to Texas and what type of job he was looking for in radio/tv. At the time I was a member of a local journalism group, so I invited him to attend one of our meetings and to call the jobline. I gave him my phone number and told me to call me when and I would be able to provide the location for our next meeting.

A few days later, he called and we talked about jobs, the meeting and life at our church. We seemed to have great chemistry and the conversation went on and on. I remember being late for the work the next morning because we were on the phone so late. :) The next two weeks would bring about many more conversations, with one call being a very special call.

I was working my weekend gig (I love to say that word, weird I know) and D said he would call me to ask a few more questions about working in media. He called and we talked about media and then out of nowhere he said, " I didn't just call you to find a job, but I also called to see if you would be interested in being more than just friends." (wha?) OMGosh ... YES!!!

Little did he know that I had been writing in my journal about him and asking God to show me CLEARLY what this relationship was about and what it was for. A few days we would go out on a date and D would reveal to me that he had been writing in his journal about me .. once he told me this, I told him what I had been doing. OMGosh.

God had been weaving us together and now was time. Finally a relationship where the "man" was pursuing me.

Many, many more "things" would happen to us in 1995, but they all confirmed to me that I was with the right person.

We met in February, we were married in December of that same year. I haven't looked back and am thanking God for a GREAT husband, friend and father of my babies.

I love you honey!!

Happy Anniversary!

Dec 13, 2010

Coming back slowly ...

I realize I am only typing to myself because it has been sooooooooooooo long since I posted an entry that I very well may have lost the 10 ppl who read on any regular basis.

Life took over and I put my blogs on the backburner, (Why I thought I could manage two blogs is beyond me) but continued to read some of my favorites and enjoy what they were writing.

Last week I realized I had been missing my own life. I have taken a gizillon photos, but they are ALL on my memory card and what fun is that, flipping through our lives on a 2in screen. Even though I had the photos ... I didn't have the "what we were thinking and saying" in that photo. I was enjoying others lives, but not my own.

So, I have decided to come back even if only a few posts per week, so I can go back and watch my boys grow, relive the funny things they say, brag on hubby and share some recipes and funny stories of what we call "Life".

Even though our lives have been thrown a curve ball ... God has been to us .. and I don't want to keep it in any longer.