Dec 13, 2010

Coming back slowly ...

I realize I am only typing to myself because it has been sooooooooooooo long since I posted an entry that I very well may have lost the 10 ppl who read on any regular basis.

Life took over and I put my blogs on the backburner, (Why I thought I could manage two blogs is beyond me) but continued to read some of my favorites and enjoy what they were writing.

Last week I realized I had been missing my own life. I have taken a gizillon photos, but they are ALL on my memory card and what fun is that, flipping through our lives on a 2in screen. Even though I had the photos ... I didn't have the "what we were thinking and saying" in that photo. I was enjoying others lives, but not my own.

So, I have decided to come back even if only a few posts per week, so I can go back and watch my boys grow, relive the funny things they say, brag on hubby and share some recipes and funny stories of what we call "Life".

Even though our lives have been thrown a curve ball ... God has been to us .. and I don't want to keep it in any longer.

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