Dec 16, 2010


15, 15, we are 15!

I remember when I met my best friend almost 16 years ago. It was after a class I was taking at church during Wednesday Night Bible study. I had signed up for another class which I didn't know at the time started 6 weeks later, so I decided to stay at church and drop in on another class.

After class a bunch of us stood in the hallway and a friend of mine introduced me to this very handsome man and said J perhaps you can assist this gentleman with finding a job. This handsome man was somewhat new to area and the job he currently had just wasn't the right fit and he was looking for a job in his field (which just happened to be radio/tv like me .. see how God works. :)

So D and I talked about the things he had done before moving to Texas and what type of job he was looking for in radio/tv. At the time I was a member of a local journalism group, so I invited him to attend one of our meetings and to call the jobline. I gave him my phone number and told me to call me when and I would be able to provide the location for our next meeting.

A few days later, he called and we talked about jobs, the meeting and life at our church. We seemed to have great chemistry and the conversation went on and on. I remember being late for the work the next morning because we were on the phone so late. :) The next two weeks would bring about many more conversations, with one call being a very special call.

I was working my weekend gig (I love to say that word, weird I know) and D said he would call me to ask a few more questions about working in media. He called and we talked about media and then out of nowhere he said, " I didn't just call you to find a job, but I also called to see if you would be interested in being more than just friends." (wha?) OMGosh ... YES!!!

Little did he know that I had been writing in my journal about him and asking God to show me CLEARLY what this relationship was about and what it was for. A few days we would go out on a date and D would reveal to me that he had been writing in his journal about me .. once he told me this, I told him what I had been doing. OMGosh.

God had been weaving us together and now was time. Finally a relationship where the "man" was pursuing me.

Many, many more "things" would happen to us in 1995, but they all confirmed to me that I was with the right person.

We met in February, we were married in December of that same year. I haven't looked back and am thanking God for a GREAT husband, friend and father of my babies.

I love you honey!!

Happy Anniversary!

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