May 26, 2010

Mid-afternoon Break

I decided we need to go for a walk after a long week of assignments, assessments & tests. So, we put on our walking shoes and headed outside for an afternoon stroll. Somehow, we ended up HERE!

Sooooo good, but now we need to walk for two more days to cancel out the MANY calories eaten at our little hometown favorite. :)

May 22, 2010

What happens ..............

When you leave your 3yr old alone for 2 minutes with a box of crayons & MARKERS you didn't know where in the box?

May 16, 2010

My daddy ...Originally posted in 10/2008

We spent the day with the Make A Wish Foundation and the Corvette Club @ Texas Motor Speedway and it made me miss my daddy. I wish he could have been here to join in on all the fun. Love you daddy.

I took an unexpected break from blogging, but needed the time away. My dad's birthday was last week (He's been with Jesus for nearly 3 years now) and my emotions have been all over the map.

I was and am still a "daddy's girl" only daddy is not here to tell me anymore. There were 3 girls in my family and daddy treated us like his little princesses. I am the oldest, so I got to spend 4 extra special years being dotted on by my daddy. I had the privilege of having him walk me down the aisle and that is a day I will never forget.

My daddy was a strong, loving, family man who loved his wife and his kids. He grew up in the deep south (Alabama) and endured many racial situations, but never used it as a crutch. We grew up being taught we could do anything and be anything.

My daddy's yard was always impeccable and if it wasn't you knew something was wrong. Perfectly manicured even his older days. (His daddy was just like that). That gene must have skipped a generation, but I am getting better about details.

My daddy told corny jokes ALL THE TIME, but we laughed anyway, because he always got a kick out of them and started laughing even before the punch line. The staff at the hospital knows what I am talking about. Mr. Jay and his jokes .. even the ICU and surgery staff ...

My daddy loved all kinds of jazz including Ramsey Lewis, Carlos Santana, Miles Davis, just to name a few. I wish he could be here to see that he passed this love to his grandkids (my boys) because all three could live in front of YouTube and listen to Dizzy Gillespie singing shooby, dooby, oo, oo ... all day long .. they would only take a break to eat.

My daddy barbecued (some call it grilling) all the time ... even in the dead days of winter. Now as an adult if my hubby says I am gonna BBQ, he is speaking my love language. My daddy could cook, man o man could he cook and he passed his skills on to his kids and grandkids.

My daddy always had a sports car even after the children started arriving, that just meant he needed to get one with a backseat. In his 60's he drove a 5 speed candy apple red Chevy Camaro with mag wheels. (I have it now) He always wanted a Dodge Vipor and now so does my oldest son, if he gets one we will call it DaddyJay.

He always said age is just a number and he was youthful to me every single day of his life. He was so handsome and many of my teachers through the years would always ask "How's your daddy?" in that special let me know if he is ever single voice. :)

He taught the girls about cars and what was under the hood, so we could never be taken advantage of by the service department at a dealership. I know how to change the oil, listen for certain sounds and bargain like there is no tomorrow.
God left a great reminder of my daddy with me, my middle son, looks, acts, walks and laughs JUST LIKE MY DADDY .. all Austin needs is a pair of blue jeans and a jacket to match and some Ralph Lauren cologne.
My daddy knew he was gonna die, but was so brave about all the bad news from the hospital, but kept telling us we were gonna be okay. He just wanted to die at home which by the grace of God he did, we got him home just a day before he would go to be with Jesus.

Thank God my daddy knew God and excepted Jesus as his Lord and personal Savior. Thank God for I know I will see him again.

May 10, 2010

Isn't she lovely?

My mother .. in her college days ... BOY, I miss this lady.
Mother's Day has not been the same since she went home to be with Jesus.
Love you mother.

May 6, 2010

Reading is fundamental ..

He doesn't even know all his sounds yet, but he LOVES looking through books.
If he could read all day, he would. I'll have to remind him of that in a few years, I'm sure.

Did you know that you can borrow the latest DVD, music, of course books from your local library? You can also borrow learning game systems like LeapFrog!

The key is .. to bring the items back on time ... or you will pay a fine. Not that I know ANYTHING about that. :)

May 2, 2010

Lazy Days

Sundays are always for family! We go to church, have lunch @ home and hibernate for the rest of the day. This past Sunday we ventured outside and I think we may have found a new getaway spot.
First time in the sand ..


Ethan looking out on God's precious waters ...

I'm going to have some dirty boys by the time this is all over ......
We are going to do something different each Sunday after church until football starts again ... that's when I lose my hubby & oldest son to the NFL.

May 1, 2010

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month

I have volunteered and worked with children in foster care for more than 20 years. Each year gets harder and harder, but when I think about the children and pray for their futures, I know it is going to get better and better.

Fostering parenting is NOT for everyone, nor is it easy, but the children need people like you and me to step in and step up! However we can. You don't have to perfect, you just have to be willing to help and make a difference.

I know that there IS something every single person CAN do ... PRAY!

Pray for the children, the workers, the counselors, the therapists, the birth parents, the foster parents, the adoptive parents and the finances to continue the work that NEEDS to be done on behalf of people who have a very small voice.

To learn about foster care awareness month, just go here.

To learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent of children in the US foster care system, go here.