Mar 31, 2009

Help! Starting ALL Over ...

This week's WFMW is all backwards ... and that IS a good thing for me!! I have been running around since December 18th with no right wrist. Yeah, I broke it just after my 13th anniversary last year and it is the hand I use most often. I have been in a old fashioned elephant leg cast. Wedding vows in FULL force! :)

Since I have been in a cast, my hubby has been doing ALL my work for me .. after working all day away from home AND he has been taking care of me .... let me just admit .. I AIN'T a great patient. HA .. My last surgery was Friday, so after my meds wear off this weekend, I won't have ANY excuses .. hahahaha

So, basically I have to start ALL over doing it my way ... cleaning, organizing, switching seasons for clothes, getting a schedule ... getting the house in order .. so things can get back to normal. I have had 13 weeks of someone else doing it all for me and I have become ummmm .. a little lazy.

Where o where do I start? My biggest fear is that I want do it all AT ONE time and I know I can't do that or else we won't be able to function. I will have things everywhere ... I mean everywhere. I am also a BIG coupon mama and have to start that again too ... did you know gas and groceries have gone up since Christmas?

Is there a trick to have things "seem" organized, until I can get it all clean and in place and things/our household back to normal? Chests, Rubbermaid, boxes, closets, shelving? what? I need some tips to get it all in place, before it is um you know .. really together.

Mar 29, 2009

Surgery ...

Just had my second surgery for my wrist ... yuck! Won't be posting anytime soon or at least until I can get my head out of the clouds~!~! Darn these meds .....

Mar 25, 2009

Prayer Time ....

Prayers for Stellan

Click the photo and get the complete testimony as told by his mom and then PRAY!

Mar 24, 2009


Can someone tell my youngest to STOP throwing utensils, plastic plates and sippy cups in the trash? Mommy said SINK, sink, sink.

Now I know why I only have 5 spoons, 1 sippy cup and no salt shaker .. I thought I was loosing it!

Mar 22, 2009

On the road again ...

It has been a glorious week in Kentucky! We had some warm days, but mostly cold ones and I loved every minute. I always look forward to the temps here because they are usually 20 degrees cooler than home and I use this time as my getaway from the heat. I love cold weather.

Once again, we lied and said we were gonna leave at 3am, but after spending the day and evening with GranGran, we got back to DH's parent's house later than we expected, that he and I agreed to leave and head for home by 5am.

We were on the road by 6am. Not too bad.

DH woke up at 4am, took a shower and then started the load the van. I on the otherhand decided to roll over and get the all important 5 more minutes of sleep. Important I know.

I finally woke up (well got up, awake I was not), showered and helped finish zipping suitcases, and waking sleeping children who thank goodness were already dressed because I bathed them last night and put their travel clothes on.

DH's mom made us some coffee and bagged up some snacks for the road which included grandma's chocolate chip cookies. Whohoo.

We took some photos and said our see ya laters and loaded the van w/ the kids ... who were sad to say goodbye to "their" dogs.

We pulled onto the dark road and headed for I-65.

Then, DH realized we needed to air up the tires before we started our 700+ mile journey and then of course, we needed to make one last stop at White Castle. This time we got breakfast sandwiches instead of hamburgers. (the kids wanted hamburgers)

We made it pretty far before the potty requests breaks started, but then once they did, it seemed like we stopped in every county of Tennessee. Surprisingly enough, no one made any false claims, so it was worth the stop .. even though it may have an added an hour to the overall ride home. At some point even DeClan was yelling .. hey I have to potty .. even though he still sports Huggies.

We finally rolled into our town about 7:30pm realizing there were no groceries at home, so we played four rounds of the game " what do you want to eat". Finally decided on Mexican Cuisine since we had not had any for almost 2 weeks.
We ate and DH unloaded the van as I rolled my eyes, because UNPACKING is NOT my friend. Ethan realized school was the NEXT morning and then proceeded to roll his eyes, because school is NOT his friend after spending 10 days on vacation with no schedule, eating all day, being spoiled by your grandparents or load mouth mama yelling get up .. it is time for school.
We finally drifted off around midnight and NO we did NOT unpack everything .. it just seemed all wrong.

Mar 21, 2009

Special Day

Today, we spent time with one of the most wonderful women I have ever met ... DH's grandmother. Both of my grandmothers are with Jesus now and I LOVE spending time with GranGran (as we so affectionately call her).

AND .. the woman can cook!!!!!!!!

Since we were in town for Spring Break, GranGran wanted the whole family to get together for food, fellowship and fun. Mostly, the food :) Saturday, 1:00pm she said .. and she did not disappoint.

Turkey, Roast Beef, Boston Butt, Cornbread dressing, greens, green beans, Macaronkey (This is how DeClan says Mac & Cheese) Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Onions, From Scratch Potato rolls, Sweet Tea, Yellow Cake w/ Caramel Icing and Cherry Delight .. I am very sure I forgot something. She did NOT disappoint.

See, I had to say that twice, because she really did NOT .... well you know ....

No airs put on by me. I sat down and ate like a REAL woman does, especially since my WWatchers plans start today. That way after I lose the weight, I CAN and WILL enjoy Thanksgiving. :)

I am so very happy the sons are able to spend time and be loved on by their great-grandmother and that she IS passing down the recipes to her family. I AM trying to learn the art of the rolls as we speak.

Needless to say, I HAVE disappointed with those babies!

Thank you Lord, Thank you so very much for this legacy and for DH's family~~ Please continue to watch over them and bless them.

Mar 20, 2009

Ketchup and Mustard and cheating ..

We are having a great time on Spring Break! I AM taking a ton of photos, but having trouble uploading them on the blog, so I will drop them in the posts next week.

The tods are having a ball running wild and free in the country and playing with "their" dogs. Yeah, Austin says the Casey, Smiley and Jerry are their dogs who live at grandma's house.

It has been really fun watching the tods run around, playing, reading, tossing balls and making up games while we have been here.

Yesterday, the Austin had on a red shirt and DeClan had on a yellow shirt and they started calling each other ketchup and mustard. It was so cute, with no prompting from me. I am glad they have creative imaginations.

Last night the kids were playing cards with grandma and having a blast. Ethan won the game and did his usual, I won, oh yeaa, I won, I won (singing) and DeClan, YES, DeClan pointed to him and said Ethan cheated and laughed (the 2 year old) ... cheated, what does he know about cheated?

Needless to say, we fell to the floor laughin'

Good times, great vacation!

Mar 16, 2009

Everybody was Kung Fu fightin' .. huh!

It's spring break and we made it to Kentucky!! Whohoo!
We have seen Kung Fu Panda at least a dozen times!
Once again, we did not leave on time ...but we left in one piece and actually had a great drive to Tennessee.
The boys had a great time at the hotel (something we almost NEVER do), but the rooms were spacious and the pool was divine! The kids did NOT want to leave.
We visited some neighborhoods we thought about moving to, ate dinner and then headed to KY.
So far sleeping in ranks high on our list this week and eating great country breakfasts ... yum....
Internet access has been interesting to say the least, so the photos will have to wait until later ...
Praising God for a great vacation and His provision!

Mar 15, 2009

Spring Break Day 2 .. Pool Time

DeClan and Daddy getting out the of the pool
Maybe it the water isn't so bad afterall

I'm ready to go right now ...

Please let go Daddy ... please..

See mama, I CAN swim ...

well .. now I am not so sure ...

Mar 9, 2009

My men ..

Took this quick photog after church yesterday. The boys saw the Kung Fu Panda statue in the Education building (where we have Children's Church) and just HAD to take a picture with Po.

They are sooo cute .. I love my men!

Mar 8, 2009

5 days and counting ....

I know everyone, I mean, everyone who has been around my family over the last two weeks, thinks we are ALL crazy! All 5 of us have been talking about our upcoming road trip nonstop! I've tried not to get so excited, but I can't help it. I love it when we are able to jump in the van with no time constraints or agenda and $$$ for the trip. (Thank you Jesus!)
We are so excited to see my in laws and to go back to Kentucky so soon! That almost never happens. The boys are ready to run free in the country and be spoiled by simple living and grandparents, let's not forget the grand and great grandparents!
The kids have started marking off the days until we ride in the sunset on the kitchen calendar, the suitcases are out, I am getting the winter back out for the journey (it's in the 80's here, but in the 30's there) and started buying snacks a few weeks ago.
Thank goodness I started seriously couponing last year ... I've gotten all our snacks and drinks for the trip for less than $5.00. Yes, $5.00!
So this week the blogging may be a little slower than usual, but I do plan on blogging if for nothing else but for those of who read faithfully (yeah right), but more for historical purposes.

Mar 5, 2009

Things to do ...

Despite how I feel today (that bug just won't leave my side), I must push through MANY errands and appointments today - - cause if they don't get them done, that will mean I'll have 32 things to do Friday. No way!

This actually is sort of a normal day, with a dentist appt for Austin tucked in between, laundry duty, dishes, coupon clipping, carpool and bathroom cleaning (yesh!)

We are also preparing for a Spring Break road trip, so add packing for 5 people to go to a state that is still enjoying WINTER (We will have 80 degree temps today).

In the midst of it all .. I am NOT complaining, believe me, I actually enjoy the week or so before we leave for any type of vacation. Marking the days off the calendar, going over our "to do" list with and for the boys, making lists and buying snacks for the road.

I am blessed, not bragging, but blessed because my family of 5 is happy, healthy and together. Not the case for some dear friends around me .. and it makes me want to pray even harder for them to be able to get back on track. (the children are watching)

Praying for families today .. won't you join me?

Mar 3, 2009

I've been sick .. so sick ...

and since I am one of the few bloggers who uses a desktop, I have not been able to sit up straight and blog. (If you know what I mean.)

Anyway, when I get back, remind me to tell you about Grace and Mercy, and no, those are not the names of puppies in our house.