Mar 5, 2009

Things to do ...

Despite how I feel today (that bug just won't leave my side), I must push through MANY errands and appointments today - - cause if they don't get them done, that will mean I'll have 32 things to do Friday. No way!

This actually is sort of a normal day, with a dentist appt for Austin tucked in between, laundry duty, dishes, coupon clipping, carpool and bathroom cleaning (yesh!)

We are also preparing for a Spring Break road trip, so add packing for 5 people to go to a state that is still enjoying WINTER (We will have 80 degree temps today).

In the midst of it all .. I am NOT complaining, believe me, I actually enjoy the week or so before we leave for any type of vacation. Marking the days off the calendar, going over our "to do" list with and for the boys, making lists and buying snacks for the road.

I am blessed, not bragging, but blessed because my family of 5 is happy, healthy and together. Not the case for some dear friends around me .. and it makes me want to pray even harder for them to be able to get back on track. (the children are watching)

Praying for families today .. won't you join me?

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