Mar 20, 2009

Ketchup and Mustard and cheating ..

We are having a great time on Spring Break! I AM taking a ton of photos, but having trouble uploading them on the blog, so I will drop them in the posts next week.

The tods are having a ball running wild and free in the country and playing with "their" dogs. Yeah, Austin says the Casey, Smiley and Jerry are their dogs who live at grandma's house.

It has been really fun watching the tods run around, playing, reading, tossing balls and making up games while we have been here.

Yesterday, the Austin had on a red shirt and DeClan had on a yellow shirt and they started calling each other ketchup and mustard. It was so cute, with no prompting from me. I am glad they have creative imaginations.

Last night the kids were playing cards with grandma and having a blast. Ethan won the game and did his usual, I won, oh yeaa, I won, I won (singing) and DeClan, YES, DeClan pointed to him and said Ethan cheated and laughed (the 2 year old) ... cheated, what does he know about cheated?

Needless to say, we fell to the floor laughin'

Good times, great vacation!

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