Jul 17, 2012


We are three and a half weeks away from school starting and I have been looking forward to this day for the last year .. I.AM.NOT.READY!

JackJack has been waiting to join his brothers in school and they actually have been wanting him to join them, but now that the days are getting closer and closer. I.AM.NOT.READY!

I think it is mainly because of the hustle and bustle, homework, driving 20 mins one way to get them there, parent teacher meetings, making 15 lunches per week, meeting new teachers, making new friends all overwhelms me and it makes me want to hide under the cover for another 5 weeks, because just the thought of it makes me scream .. because I.AM.NOT.READY!

So when we get back from vacation, I will refresh the kids uniforms, start inventory and ironing, start the hunt of buying new socks, underwear and shoes - it will be right in my face, because the week we get back, we have 2 parent orientations and meet the teacher nights and then we jump right into school and I.AM.NOT.READY!