Jun 30, 2009

Summer Food

Summer means one thing ... HOT DAYS! Guess what? A girl's still gotta eat. I love cooking, but the heat makes me just want to melt so obviously I have NO desire to heat up my kitchen. That means we eat A LOT of salad, wraps, meals from the crockpot and please don't forget the grill. Yes, I said crockpot .. the best thing ever invented for a busy woman on the go.

Anyhoo ...

My favorite salad comes from a place called Pappadeaux's. Yes, it is some fancy food with fancy prices, but did I say .. the food is wonderful. Every now and then hubby and I splurge when we make our way to Dallas, but I decided to find out how they make it so I could make it at home. That way I would save $$$, gas and miles on my car. :)

Shrimp, Bacon and Spinach Salad

You will need:

Medium Cooked Shrimp
Cooked and Crispy Bacon (Turkey or Regular)
Blue Cheese Chunks (if you prefer, I don't)
Tangy Tomato Bacon Dressing or Catalina Dressing

Combine the first four ingredients and top w/ the dressing. MMMMMM BTW, I use chicken for the kiddos.

I also like to make Bacon Broccoli Salad ... you may have guessed that I like bacon.:) This reciepe has been passed down from the women @ my church. Dang, they know how to cook!

Bacon Broccoli Salad

You will need:
1 bunch fresh broccoli, washed, drained, broken into little trees (flowerettes)
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1 cup chopped celery
5-6 pieces bacon, crispy, drained and crumbled

3/4 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp. vinegar

Combine salad ingredients together in large mixing bowl. Combine dressing ingredients well. Pour dressing over salad ingredients and mix well. Serve chilled.

There are MORE delicious reciepes over at WeareTHATfamily!!! Hope on over ...

Jun 29, 2009

Fun in the Sun ..

Let the games begin! on Twitpic This is supposed to be a swimming pool, but we decided to add bubbles.

Too many bubbles? yeah, I think so. on Twitpic Even Ethan could not resist the COOL water .. we need to get him his own pool.
Simple fun .. and the kids said they had a blast .. cost me nothing .. the dishwashing liquid was FREE w/ my coupons a few weeks ago, I added a few tablespoons of sugar (to make the blubbles last longer) and they got clean and didn't even realize it! :)

Jun 26, 2009

Ethan's Update - Two thumbs UP!

This is Ethan just after he had to disrobe and dawn a hospital gown. He was appalled at the idea that he could not have his MRI with his regular clothes on and had to wear this "dress". We tried to explain that this was a hospital shirt, not dress and that daddy would NEVER allow such a thing. :)
The hospital has a new policy I was told, because people in other parts of the country had been sneaking in weapons in the radiology departments and causing trouble .. what?
Anyway, Ethan also looks like this because we had to check in @ 6:30AM! Yes, check in at 6:30.
We were able to see his surgeon after the MRI to get an absolutely GREAT update! The brain tumor fragments show NO sign of movement, NO growth and NO change!
Hallelujah!!! Hallelujah!!!!

Jun 25, 2009

Tomorrow is not promised ...

Michael Jackson - the "King of Pop" died today. Wow ... how surreal is that? I am in shock. I know his last few years were not great, but I keep thinking about the younger years and music.
LA Reid said it best .. turn down the chatter and turn UP the music.
Talk about talented .. look at this pose ...
I guess I'll get out all my old albums, cassettes and CDs and Rock the Night away ...


Farrah Fawcett also died today after a long battle with cancer. Ed Mcmahon died earlier this week. Sad, sad, so very sad.


Prayers for their families. Tomorrow is NOT promised. Get your house in order. I am working on mine.

Do YOU know JESUS?

Jun 22, 2009

The lazy days of summer (Photo Edition)

Nuthin like making your own b-day cake.. you get to lick the beaters & everything!
Hanging out w/ Chuck E. Cheese - you can never go wrong there. Hey? where's DeClan?

Look mom, the Lego is as big as ME!

Hanging out w/ ALL the cousins ... there are a few more kiddos on the other sofa!

Safety 1st! Who knew you needed a helmet for a tricycle! Isn't he cute?

Mom finally gave in and let us have a picnic!

Jun 20, 2009

Summertime ..

Ethan has been out of school for two weeks now and the first week was spent @ VBS @ our church. Last week we joined the library's summer reading club and went camping (in the house). So exciting I know.

We have had out of town family in town and/or at the house for the last 3 weeks, which has been a blast, but this weekend I am ready to BE STILL and cook for 5 people. :)

Ethan's science academy was cancelled, so I need to fill that educational gap with something exciting. Macaroni and construction paper? Beans and rice in a jar .. Hmmmm .. NOT .. he is a pre-teen .. I know, we will break out his telescope and make it a project tonight.

This week we plan to go to one of the FREE movies offered in a neighboring city and check out more books at the library.

The heat index is supposed to reach 107 and I am in no way near ready for anything like that, so early in the summer. This may mean we alter our out of the house plans.

Ethan has to have an MRI later in the week, followed by DeClan's 2 yr old check up the day (yes, I know he is 2 1/2). So since we will be gone ALL DAY Thursday and part of Friday for medical stuff, I'll have to adjust the week for all the fun, fun, fun stuff.

Oh yeah, grandmother, the kids are ALREADY talking about packing for our trip to see in a few weeks .... sigh .. are we there yet?

Jun 10, 2009

Believe ...

Ethan at our church anniversary picnic ..

I couldn't believe he wanted to do this ...