Jun 20, 2009

Summertime ..

Ethan has been out of school for two weeks now and the first week was spent @ VBS @ our church. Last week we joined the library's summer reading club and went camping (in the house). So exciting I know.

We have had out of town family in town and/or at the house for the last 3 weeks, which has been a blast, but this weekend I am ready to BE STILL and cook for 5 people. :)

Ethan's science academy was cancelled, so I need to fill that educational gap with something exciting. Macaroni and construction paper? Beans and rice in a jar .. Hmmmm .. NOT .. he is a pre-teen .. I know, we will break out his telescope and make it a project tonight.

This week we plan to go to one of the FREE movies offered in a neighboring city and check out more books at the library.

The heat index is supposed to reach 107 and I am in no way near ready for anything like that, so early in the summer. This may mean we alter our out of the house plans.

Ethan has to have an MRI later in the week, followed by DeClan's 2 yr old check up the day (yes, I know he is 2 1/2). So since we will be gone ALL DAY Thursday and part of Friday for medical stuff, I'll have to adjust the week for all the fun, fun, fun stuff.

Oh yeah, grandmother, the kids are ALREADY talking about packing for our trip to see in a few weeks .... sigh .. are we there yet?

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