May 29, 2009

Two of the BEST words ...

a wife can hear from her husband. My honey gave this to me last night and said he appreciates everything I do for our family!

My husband rocks!

May 24, 2009

Summer, where are you?

We have 10 more days of school. I am TIRED.

I simply cannot wait until I CAN sleep in, work in my PJs and run my kids around for summer activities. We WILL stay home 3 out 5 weekdays this summer, but I have a great list of ideas NEARBY for us to take part in. My gas needle won't even move and my prayer is that the boys will have memories for a lifetime.
(Especially with gas slowly hiking back up near $3.00.)

I am simply tired of school and all the responsibilities that go with it. :) What? You didn't know I was in school? Me either! :)

Oh September, please do not come anywhere NEAR ME!

THAT IS all.

May 22, 2009

Date Night!

Date Night!

Went here!


Very Filling!

Great Fun!

Going Back!


Luv Hubby!

Nuf Said!

May 18, 2009

Momma Lion

For the past two weeks, my husband and I have been dealing with an issue I thought would wait until HIGH SCHOOL, but it has reeked it's ugly head in 6th grade.


I know children are not perfect, especially mine, but my son has been dealing with this issue for a while and did not want to say anything to us, his teachers or anyone he says because the other kids will call him a tattletale. (Especially since he knew his momma has no problems coming up to the school and talking to people.)

He has been bullied by a child who was once his friend and now they cannot make it one whole week without something happening.

Last week, my son had no other choice but to come out and explain everything. You want to know why? Because the bully pushed my son into the water fountain! and YES, there were bruises. He had to go to the school nurse because there was some small bleeding and she called me .. just as I was walking into bible study.

While I was speaking to her, I wanted to use some words that you do not use in bible study or really ever .. I did not use the words, but I did however .. cry.

I didn't mean to cry, but as she was describing what my son had gone through, I could not help myself. In fact, if it wasn't for the women at my bible study, I was on my way to the school to "rescue my son' and share my mind with some people.

But the Holy Spirit said no, not now and I stayed at church, calmed down and prayed .. with not so many words, but the Lord knew what I was trying to say to Him. "Lord, please do not let me open my mouth right now or go to that school or call the Principal again since she has not called me back to give me an update!"

Fast forward a week and Ethan has handled everything well and so have I (but I had to pray first each day) because I really wanted to just check him out of school for the rest of year, but that would have cancelled out his whole year of school, because his momma "over-reacted". (There was second incident last week)

I just finished speaking with the administration and they are putting a plan in place that should keep Ethan safe for the next 14 days. It will also keep me on my knees specifically for my son and other children who are or have been bullied for the next 14 days.

You MUST pray for your children DAILY, specifically. Doesn't mean nothing will happen to them, but it does mean you and your child will hopefully handle the situation in a Godly manner in a time when a lot of people are doubting the sincerity of Christians and how we live our lives.

Doesn't mean we are doormats, but committed to living out a Godly lifestyle in good and in bad.

May 11, 2009

Austin .. where have the years gone?

2 yrs. old 3 yrs. old

Happy B-Day baby!

May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you .. Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day is always bittersweet. I love the fact that God has allowed me to bring life into this world 4 times even though one of my children now sits at the feet of Jesus. I would love to spend time with my precious daughter this Mother's Day.

I am simply amazed at what God has provided for me as a mother even my own mother also now sits at Jesus' feet. She always said she would NEVER get to meet her grandchildren and unfortunately that is true, but she has met them in an unusual sort of way, she shaped and molded me and now lives through me as I raise my children.

Oh how I wish I could hug her today and tell her Happy Mother's Day Mom ... you are doing good work. I thank God for memories so strong that I can still hear her voice calling me name. I thank God that on occasion when I am having a really hard time with my life and raising her grandchildren, I have dreams, real dreams to me, where she is there w/ the grandkids and everything seems so matter of fact, so real.

Call me crazy, but I believe God allows these dreams for me. He works for me and comforts me with my dreams.

So today as I miss my mom, but celebrate my own motherhood, I pray that tonight I will get to see her again and give her a big hug!

For all of you .. Happy Mother's Day. You are doing great work, even when your head is spinning and life seems out of control ... you ARE doing a great job! You aren't told enough thank you, thank you for the many things that get done and I want to say thank you. Motherhood is not easy, but so many seem to make it look flawless (like my mom), so in the day in day, know you ARE making a difference.

From my house to yours .. Happy Mother's Day!!!

May 5, 2009

WFMW: Frugal Tips

I love this week's edition of WFMW. FRUGAL TIPS!

For me ... we had to make an adjustment to our spending some 4 years ago when I started working part-time after having Austin and then FULL TIME when Ethan's medical issues starting demanding more of my time. It didn't help that son #3 was also on his way.

We needed to learn to live on one income and then any additional income would be GRAVY!

Basically I do the following consistently!

1) Plan my shopping trips

2)Make a list for each store

3)Shop w/ coupons

4)Write letters/emails to the manufacturers and tell them about their products (occasionally I will get coupons in their response letters, but this is NOT what I am looking for when I write the letters. I want products I like to stick around.)

5)Purchase based on price, size, and coupon, not the lowest price. I would rather have 4 bottles of small mustard for 10 cents each that 1 big bottle for $1.50 .. ya know?

For the "regular" stores that double and triple coupons, I try to only purchase those items that are on sale so I can get them FREE or not for very much at all. This shopping measure allows me to then purchase what we need that I do not have a coupon for and usually the brand of what I want. (I use store brand AND brand names.)

For everyday stuff ....

I JUST started doing my own hair! I watched a BUNCH of YouTube videos, yes, YouTube and did my hair this weekend and love, love, love it. I saved 65.00!!!

I cut my sons hair (tods)

I cook 5 to 6 times per week and make enough for lunch the next day.

I buy 2 whole rotisserie chickens from Sam's twice a month for meals and chicken salad. $4.97 each!

I AM a thifter! I have ONE main thrift store and I love it. I signed up for their newsletters and even get coupons. My boys are set for the summer, (shirts, shorts, swim trunks, basketball shorts and jerseys) excluding shoes and I spent $50.00 for all three of them. 12 1/2, 4 yrs and 2 1/2 years old.

There is so, so much more ... but I have to get outta here. Hop on over to WeareTHATfamily and see where else you can save!

May 4, 2009

Summer Plans

This week starts the planning for our summer season. I am not sure why I chose this week, but now is as good as any. :)
I WANT to plan our summer, but we will have some days where we will do absolutely NOTHING!
I am trying very hard NOT to get so carried away where we have no fun because I am frustrated and discombobulated because "things did not go as I planned."
The hardest part is planning for a 12 1/2, 4 and 2 1/2 year old. On the one hand I would love to go to Sesame Place for the tods, but I know Ethan would just cringe at the thought of spending all day with Big Bird!
Things I am planning for Ethan, while the tods would love to hang with big brother .. again, he would cringe at the thought of Austin coming with him to Dave and Buster's and beating him at skeeball.
July is our vacation month this year, so that one will be easy, except, I have NOT planned where we are going besides KY.
Just some things I am considering ....
Sonic's Happy hour - a REAL must do!
Summer Movie Matinees
Amusement Parks
Swim Lessons
Water Park
Hotel Weekend getaway
Mom and Tots playdates
Ice Skating
Community Service - Food Banks
Can you think of something else?

May 1, 2009

Life Happens ..

and even though I have NOT been blogging on the regular (as the kids say) .. life as I know it is still going on ..

I now know "I" cannot twitter, blog, work part-time, cook, eat and keep things going smoothly around here ... others can, but I know I can't. :(

GREAT NEWS though for today ... DeClan hit a MAJOR milestone .. He peed on the potty! Whohoo! 6 months earlier than I ever expected!!!!!! HE made decision, not me.

So I guess the next few weeks will be spent potty training AGAIN .. last year was Austin's turn. whoopie!