May 18, 2009

Momma Lion

For the past two weeks, my husband and I have been dealing with an issue I thought would wait until HIGH SCHOOL, but it has reeked it's ugly head in 6th grade.


I know children are not perfect, especially mine, but my son has been dealing with this issue for a while and did not want to say anything to us, his teachers or anyone he says because the other kids will call him a tattletale. (Especially since he knew his momma has no problems coming up to the school and talking to people.)

He has been bullied by a child who was once his friend and now they cannot make it one whole week without something happening.

Last week, my son had no other choice but to come out and explain everything. You want to know why? Because the bully pushed my son into the water fountain! and YES, there were bruises. He had to go to the school nurse because there was some small bleeding and she called me .. just as I was walking into bible study.

While I was speaking to her, I wanted to use some words that you do not use in bible study or really ever .. I did not use the words, but I did however .. cry.

I didn't mean to cry, but as she was describing what my son had gone through, I could not help myself. In fact, if it wasn't for the women at my bible study, I was on my way to the school to "rescue my son' and share my mind with some people.

But the Holy Spirit said no, not now and I stayed at church, calmed down and prayed .. with not so many words, but the Lord knew what I was trying to say to Him. "Lord, please do not let me open my mouth right now or go to that school or call the Principal again since she has not called me back to give me an update!"

Fast forward a week and Ethan has handled everything well and so have I (but I had to pray first each day) because I really wanted to just check him out of school for the rest of year, but that would have cancelled out his whole year of school, because his momma "over-reacted". (There was second incident last week)

I just finished speaking with the administration and they are putting a plan in place that should keep Ethan safe for the next 14 days. It will also keep me on my knees specifically for my son and other children who are or have been bullied for the next 14 days.

You MUST pray for your children DAILY, specifically. Doesn't mean nothing will happen to them, but it does mean you and your child will hopefully handle the situation in a Godly manner in a time when a lot of people are doubting the sincerity of Christians and how we live our lives.

Doesn't mean we are doormats, but committed to living out a Godly lifestyle in good and in bad.

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