May 4, 2009

Summer Plans

This week starts the planning for our summer season. I am not sure why I chose this week, but now is as good as any. :)
I WANT to plan our summer, but we will have some days where we will do absolutely NOTHING!
I am trying very hard NOT to get so carried away where we have no fun because I am frustrated and discombobulated because "things did not go as I planned."
The hardest part is planning for a 12 1/2, 4 and 2 1/2 year old. On the one hand I would love to go to Sesame Place for the tods, but I know Ethan would just cringe at the thought of spending all day with Big Bird!
Things I am planning for Ethan, while the tods would love to hang with big brother .. again, he would cringe at the thought of Austin coming with him to Dave and Buster's and beating him at skeeball.
July is our vacation month this year, so that one will be easy, except, I have NOT planned where we are going besides KY.
Just some things I am considering ....
Sonic's Happy hour - a REAL must do!
Summer Movie Matinees
Amusement Parks
Swim Lessons
Water Park
Hotel Weekend getaway
Mom and Tots playdates
Ice Skating
Community Service - Food Banks
Can you think of something else?

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Anonymous said...

Story time at the local library, Miniature golf, plant a small garden or a petting zoo. Those are a few of the things we're doing this summer.