May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you .. Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother's Day is always bittersweet. I love the fact that God has allowed me to bring life into this world 4 times even though one of my children now sits at the feet of Jesus. I would love to spend time with my precious daughter this Mother's Day.

I am simply amazed at what God has provided for me as a mother even my own mother also now sits at Jesus' feet. She always said she would NEVER get to meet her grandchildren and unfortunately that is true, but she has met them in an unusual sort of way, she shaped and molded me and now lives through me as I raise my children.

Oh how I wish I could hug her today and tell her Happy Mother's Day Mom ... you are doing good work. I thank God for memories so strong that I can still hear her voice calling me name. I thank God that on occasion when I am having a really hard time with my life and raising her grandchildren, I have dreams, real dreams to me, where she is there w/ the grandkids and everything seems so matter of fact, so real.

Call me crazy, but I believe God allows these dreams for me. He works for me and comforts me with my dreams.

So today as I miss my mom, but celebrate my own motherhood, I pray that tonight I will get to see her again and give her a big hug!

For all of you .. Happy Mother's Day. You are doing great work, even when your head is spinning and life seems out of control ... you ARE doing a great job! You aren't told enough thank you, thank you for the many things that get done and I want to say thank you. Motherhood is not easy, but so many seem to make it look flawless (like my mom), so in the day in day, know you ARE making a difference.

From my house to yours .. Happy Mother's Day!!!

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