Mar 22, 2009

On the road again ...

It has been a glorious week in Kentucky! We had some warm days, but mostly cold ones and I loved every minute. I always look forward to the temps here because they are usually 20 degrees cooler than home and I use this time as my getaway from the heat. I love cold weather.

Once again, we lied and said we were gonna leave at 3am, but after spending the day and evening with GranGran, we got back to DH's parent's house later than we expected, that he and I agreed to leave and head for home by 5am.

We were on the road by 6am. Not too bad.

DH woke up at 4am, took a shower and then started the load the van. I on the otherhand decided to roll over and get the all important 5 more minutes of sleep. Important I know.

I finally woke up (well got up, awake I was not), showered and helped finish zipping suitcases, and waking sleeping children who thank goodness were already dressed because I bathed them last night and put their travel clothes on.

DH's mom made us some coffee and bagged up some snacks for the road which included grandma's chocolate chip cookies. Whohoo.

We took some photos and said our see ya laters and loaded the van w/ the kids ... who were sad to say goodbye to "their" dogs.

We pulled onto the dark road and headed for I-65.

Then, DH realized we needed to air up the tires before we started our 700+ mile journey and then of course, we needed to make one last stop at White Castle. This time we got breakfast sandwiches instead of hamburgers. (the kids wanted hamburgers)

We made it pretty far before the potty requests breaks started, but then once they did, it seemed like we stopped in every county of Tennessee. Surprisingly enough, no one made any false claims, so it was worth the stop .. even though it may have an added an hour to the overall ride home. At some point even DeClan was yelling .. hey I have to potty .. even though he still sports Huggies.

We finally rolled into our town about 7:30pm realizing there were no groceries at home, so we played four rounds of the game " what do you want to eat". Finally decided on Mexican Cuisine since we had not had any for almost 2 weeks.
We ate and DH unloaded the van as I rolled my eyes, because UNPACKING is NOT my friend. Ethan realized school was the NEXT morning and then proceeded to roll his eyes, because school is NOT his friend after spending 10 days on vacation with no schedule, eating all day, being spoiled by your grandparents or load mouth mama yelling get up .. it is time for school.
We finally drifted off around midnight and NO we did NOT unpack everything .. it just seemed all wrong.

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