Jan 27, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby! Random Notes ...

Last week ... I think it was Wednesday or Thursday, it was in the high 70's/low 80's and I broke out the capris, denim ones to be sage :), by Friday, the boots were back in town. This has been a WACKY winter, more than usual because each day presents a season of it's own. Even my 3 year old asked me last night, "Mom, what season is it?". I said winter and he just stood there with a look that said .. nu uh ... I don't believe you!

Today ice in the forecast and our newstations are breaking into programming every 30 minutes. They said we need to prepare to honker down today and tomorrow. Honker down? This is not Chicago. Schools have already closed (not Ethan's), local colleges and universities have closed and it really isn't that bad. I guess better safe that sorry for those who have to drive far distances.

The "warnings" started yesterday, so I went to the grocery store and got some comfort food and milk. I cooked red beans and rice/cornbread and tonight I will make chicken, dressing, sweet potatoes, and sweet tea.

I will admit though I am excited to make hot cocoa for the kids and sit near the fireplace (where there is no fire, just candles), watch movies, watching 80's videos on YouTube and HONKERING DOWN!!!

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