Jan 23, 2009

I believe ... and my bill shows it!

A year and half ago when we learned Ethan would have to have brain surgery, I knew I would come home and a FULL TIME stay at home mom. That meant we would have to make some changes with our spending, make a budget and STICK to it!!!

We like to eat, but I knew the biggest bill besides mortgage and car is the grocery bill. At that time is was about $400.00-500.00 per month. I shopped at WalMart, Target, Kroger and Tom Thumb whichever was closest when I decided what I was going to cook.

My friend Chrystal is at home with her kids where she also homeschools and mentioned something on her blog about meal planning and I said yeah right ... I am so gonna do that. Plan. Deep in the back of my head, I knew I could, but it seemed like so much work and after working a full day for da man, who wants to "work at home too?" I wanted home to be easier .. silly me .. priorities all in the wrong place.

I cooked at home most nights and the weekends we ate out, so after thinking about it and talking to Chrystal more .. I knew I would have to do at least try it, cause the income was gonna start shrinking sooner than we thought.

I attended a coupon class and got all this motivation, starting clipping, and with the meal planning and coupons, I actually started to see a difference in my checkbook and in our savings account.

I will admit though after Ethan's surgery, I lost the energy to plan a meal and actually shop around town to save us any money. So it all came to screeching halt. Everytime I went grocery shopping though, I would say man, there was probably a coupon for that in the paper and would cring at the total getting higher and higher at the register. Even though we had the $$$ to pay for the groeries, something about NOT saving was bothering me.

But then gas hit $4.00 per gallon and I needed to do something to save again and not rely on hubby to take extra hours everyday. At that rate he would be so tired and would not want to do anything else on the weekends and we would miss him.

So I started couponing again and this time I plan my shopping trips and am soooo happy I did!!! We ARE saving LOTS of money and trying things we might not normally try and I will be ready for the economy no matter what happens. (We are trusting God for His provision, no matter what happens anyway).

Today, I hit Smith's/Kroger and spent a whopping $2.61 out of pocket for the following:

Captain Crunch Cereal
Green Giant Sweet Frozen Corn
Hormel Chili (2)
Kleenex Tissue w/ lotion (2)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal Packs
Quaker Ricecakes
Reese's Whips Candy Bar (4)
Rotel Tomatoes (for the superbowl)
Glade Air Freshner (2)

Total before coupons: 25.52 - They are having a Mega Event, so deduct $5.00, then add my coupons and you get $2.61!!!!


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Hafts Happenings said...

I was drawn to your site by the Wife of 1 mom of 4, I am one fo those, too. I keep telling myself I need to do better with coupons, thank you for the inspiration. Marlo