Jan 10, 2009

A New Week ...

The surgery went well .. I have a HUGE ELEPHANTLEG LIKE cast on my hand and the family has pitched in, well .... taken over really, really well. DH has been GREAT taking most of my household responsibilities, especially the laundry ... I didn't realize what the bottom of the hampers looked like or that we have that many clothes and not enough towels. :)

I didn't drive until Wednesday and that was only because DH went back to work (yes, I made sure the drugs were out of my system) and Ethan wanted to be able to come home everyday and not spend the night at school.

Truth be told, I have ... well, I guess had hives (looking at my hands) because of an allergic reaction to one of the 4 meds prescribed for me. yuck, yuck. Benadryl, you are my friend. The itching stops every 4-6 hours and the hives finally disappeared Friday, but I can't stop taking a 2 hour naps every doggone day ... I am so sure Austin and DeClan are so very thankful mommy had camptime right inside her bedroom the last 3 days. (Don't worry, I only take 1 benadryl each time, so I can be somewhat alert if they decide not to follow orders!)

My sister MeMe and my church family are amazing, meals have been dropped off and I coached DH and Ethan through other easy dishes, so we have not gone without. Heck, we made homemade donuts (recipe here) this morning after I got up around 11:30am .... see ...this sleeping is too much ..

Follow up appt. w/ the surgeon this week and a plan for the next 11 weeks, yeah, I said 11. Since the break was pretty bad, I have to have another go round of surgery and a new cast that I pray will go with spring blouses. I guess I should be thankful winter is upon us so I can hide the elephant sized arm I am sporting under lots of velour jackets. :) I am UNABLE to button or snap anything, so if I don't get showered and dressed before DH leaves, jogging suits are my uniform because it is the only thing I can pull together myself.

Once I figure out how to comb my hair a little and apply some lip gloss, I promise to post a photo of little ole me!

Shout out to JenJen for combing my hair Christmas Day and last Saturday (hubby has tried sooooooo hard to get my hair together, but remember we have three boys) and giving a sista an opportunity to wear jeans and a cute top and my $5.00/$95.00 boots!!!!! Did you catch that, 2 times in 3 weeks. DH has been giving me ponytails and ballcaps.

Have a great week!

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Jenn said...

You are more than welcome !!! And I would do it again, I tell you. I would do it again... Love you....