May 11, 2008

Mother's Day ...

Happy Mother's Day to you! I pray you have a great day today with your families. Treasure EVERY moment and well wish you recieve today.

I spent my day with my family and we did something we rarely do. We were in the mall on a Sunday. We are ALWAYS at home spending time alone .. we call Sundays Family Day and everyone around us knows we are UNAVAILABLE and will only leave the house or except visitors under special situations.

This way we know without a shadow of a doubt, we will always SEE each other face to face .. ALL DAY long. We always go to early service and hubby cooks breakfast every Sunday, and then we talk, sleep, eat, watch movies, pray, sleep more, talk and just plain enjoy each other's company.

But today, we threw caution to the wind and spent time at an outlet mall. Hubby kept saying "get it" , "get it", but of course I could never find anything I like or that fit. (hehehe) so I ended up buying items for the kids and hubby for our upcoming vacation to Disney.

Most of all today .. I miss my mom. 13 years ago today, she went home to be with the Lord and Mother's Day has been so different since that year. God has give me children to celebrate with, but I still miss her very much.

Wish I could give her a big ole hug right now .....

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Jenn Jenn said...

I think we all have those times when you reflect and miss that person that will always a place in your heart. Especially the one that gave you life.

I believe that the Lord knew what we all needed at the time when mom was called home to be with the Lord.

I am just grateful and honored to have family to share in the good times we had with her.

Love ya....