Aug 16, 2007

Still learning to blog and taking a brief break ..

Hello there .. I pray all is well with you! I am still learning how to blog and have recently discovered some new tricks thanks to some new blogs I have been exposed to and tips that have been provided. There have been some things I have been wanting to do, so I am working on my blog and trying to "get things in order" around here. School is just around the corner and our household is all a buzz, because our oldest, Ethan (10) is going back and we need to get him ready. WOW, this wasn't supposed to happen. BUT GOD! I am also trying to "teach" the 2 year old a few thing or two, he is just too doggone smart for his britches! Also have some new chicken reciepes to help us get back into school mode, so the pots and the pans are a flyin' as well! Whooohoo!
So I will see you later ... I'll be back next week.

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