Aug 4, 2007

A mini vacation .. right in our own backyard

My oldest is doing Godceptionally well and we were given the clearance to go out and do almost all the things we haven't done in four years, let alone since our family union was created in 1995. Still seems scary to let him do anything involving his head, because we have had to keep him away from basketball, football, soccer and ice hockey and now we can let him do these things (?) Well, it will take me and the hubby some time to say okay. Anyway ... since the funds this summer are a little TIGHT, I have been trying to find ways to create summer memories for the family, but also see what goodness the Lord has created around us. I was on a wesbite Everyday Cheapskate and it has been suggested that just like you go to the visitor's and convention bureau when you go out of town, do the same thing in your own city and you might be amazed at what is in your backyard. I did just that, plus took some notes from some friends and whalla .. a mini vacation without spending a lot and we didn't even need a hotel. We did make hotel night for the kids though. We let them order pretend room service, stay up late, and sleep in our bedroom. The kids got to sleep in our bed. I don't own a digital camera, so as soon as I get the pics developed at Wally World, I will drop them in this entry.

We rolled out $7.00 today for the whole family including my baby sister and my neice and visited a local splash park and had ball. You can take your own cooler and snacks and sit on the grass or on the concrete seats they provide (be careful though, you WILL get splashed) and the kids, even my Chunky Monkey (the 8 month old) had a ball.

We plan to go bowling, play golf, go swimming at a friend's LUXURY pool, go to some museums, go to IMAX theater, zoos, some local tours, eat pizza/popcorn while watching movies at home at night and whatever else we can find to do for the remainder of year, but definitely for the rest of the summer.

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