Mar 31, 2008

Ethan - The final installment

I will admit, I have been procrastinating writing this last post about Ethan. It is NOT because he isn't doing well, He is .. It is not because I haven't enjoyed the comments from you, I have .. It is because I have ENJOYED writing about my baby and remembering these last four years and I kinda do not want to let go. Strange huh? I have NOT sat down and taken it all in.

I don't ever want to forget. NEVER! God taught me so much these last 4 1/2 years and He is NOT done. He has opened doors because of our experience and I will admit I am a little scared. BUT GOD!

Ethan is doing so well!

He had the surgery July 13, 2007 in Dallas and things went so well, it was weird. We got to the hospital at 6am and our church family was right there waiting for us to pray. So was Dr. Wright. Remember the lady I told you we met at church after DeClan's dedication? She was there and she told me God is in the room, Jesus is already here and Ethan will be alright. Ya'll she HAD the voice of God. I have seen her many times since the surgery and her voice is not as deep as it was that day. She was right .. Jesus was already at the hospital waiting for us. (Chills)

The surgeon came in a gave us the "lowdown" on the whatifs and whatnots about Ethan. He gave a very vivid description of where he could cut, where he would open and how deep they would have to go in to get some of the tumor out. He always said he knew he could not get it all, but he would try to get as much of it as possible.

He also told us that Ethan's tumor had grown even more and that it had begun to press against his brain stem and today July 13 HAD TO BE THE DAY or there would so much more damage. oooooo, I want to cry right now. Jesus!!!!

The anesthesiologist came in and described what she would do for Ethan and how everything should go. D and I were numb, so numb. She left and we prayed with Ethan ONE .... MORE .. TIME ... and then they wheeled my baby down this long hallway .. Only Jesus, the healer could perform a miracle at that moment.

We were told we would be kept informed every hour and it would be a long day. By 1:30, they called to tell us the surgery was done and they got most of the tumor out! What? It is over? We spoke to the surgeon, he explained what happened and for the very first time, he smiled. Oh sweet Jesus, he smiled.

We saw Ethan for a short time in recovery. He looked good! No shaved head! He knew who I was! He wanted water! He looked good! They moved him into ICU and D and I did not leave his side, until my sister called to tell me, Austin had a fever. huh? Yeah! I had to go home and tend to him. It was good for D, because he was able to "take over" and take care of his firstborn son.

Before we knew it, Ethan was moved into a regular room and enlisted for physical therapy, which by the grace of God, he only needed 1 session. Did ya hear me? One session. They canceled the outside sessions.

Ethan went home in 4 days and we huddled over him like hawks. He kept a headache for a week or so, but eventually he came into his own and was back on the saddle again.

He started school in August ON TIME and he is doing VERY WELL! We are working on his comprehension and reasoning skills, but God is sooo good! His health is great and he will have MRI's every 3 months. His memory appears to be in tact.

Because of Ethan's brain tumor and the life he has had for the last 4 1/2 years, these wonderful, precious people gave Ethan this and we are headed there this summer! This is a wonderful gift! I believe God is giving us a new ministry to work with as a FAMILY.

God is also giving us a book to write from this journey so we can help other families who need somewhere to turn for support and/or information.

We are SO grateful to God for what He did. Sometimes it feels like we CANNOT praise Him enough for what He did!!!!!! We thank Him daily.

I so appreciate the time you have spent with me this last month. I pray you have been blessed by Ethan's journey and what GOD did, not US, but God.

Please come back by soon ...... You never know what God is up to!


Rosheeda said...

I have loved this series. Your boys are such joys anyway, especially Ethan. I love how you've opened up! I'm so excited about God's work in ya'lls lives!

Christie Todd said...

I would really appreciate your input on what your top 10 fears are. I am seeking info for a book I am writing on overcoming fear.
Thank you
Christie Todd

Sheila said...

Wow Jai! What a thing to live through, and how amazing how you saw God at all stages of it. I'll pray for your family tonight!

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