Nov 28, 2007

Has it been 11 years? YES!

Ethan is 11 today! (He thinks he has to smile big or else it won't count)
I remember my pregnancy, his birth, my lack of sleep, his lack of latching, my crying, his crying, his smile, his laughter, his crawling, his first steps, his first day in kindergarten, his first volcano, the first book he read alone, his giftedness, his seizures, his HEALING!, his baptism, his first communion, his first crush on a girl, his first yuck, no mom, I don't like girls, his surgery, his miraculous 4 day stay in hospital where he walked out on his own .... Thank you Jesus!

His smile, his hugs, his kisses, his prayers for himself and always others, his gentleness, his caring, his learning, his time with his baby brothers, his tears, his impersonations (Bill Cosby), his laughter, his smile.

My revelation that he can no longer order from the kids menu .. waaaaaaa

I love my baby, yes, Ethan, you will always be my baby and I am so glad God let me be your mom!

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