Jul 13, 2007

It is finished!

We walked in the pre-surgicial room and the presence of the Lord was there BEFORE we got there .. I so wanted this day to be over, BUT God wanted us to savor every moment!
Prayer request after prayer request has been answered!

* God allowed Jesus to meet us today

* People love us

* Despite doubting God for even just a second today, HE showed himself strong

* The surgery finished earlier than we thought

* My son looks the same (I expected a completely shaved head)

* My son is talking and knows who I am

* The surgeon smiled today, I have never seen him do this!

* The surgeon got most of the tumor out! (Final test results next week)

* The tumor appears to be benign (Jehovah!)

* My son asked for a helicopter today!

* My son can count!

* My son knows who his brothers are!

* My son made a joke today!

*MY son is in ICU, BUT doing well!

***** There is SO much more to say, but I will have to edit the post later ***

God has been sooooo faithful to me, my son and my family!

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