Jul 18, 2007

She didn't want to wait on God ...

The same day my son had brain surgery ..... was the same day my friend was found dead. I just talked to her. I just sent her a picture of my children. She just prayed for my son's surgery ... but deep down inside something was hurting her and she could no longer wait on God. Why did she do this? I am so mad ... I don't know what she said to God before she died .. why didn't she wait? why did she give up? She had waited on God soooo many times before, He had always pulled her through, but this time, this time was different ... she didn't want to wait anymore .. what could have been different, what could I have done differently when she called me two weeks before? Why didn't I hear it in her voice? Why didn't she wait? So many questions and no answers, at least on this side of heaven. What I do know is that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior so many years ago and I know I will see her again.

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