Jul 19, 2007

Another day, more blessings ...

My son had a better day today. He was up longer, looked stronger and had fewer headaches! He asked for his favorite foods and you better know I got them for him, whatever he wanted. It is his day, it is his week. My husband and I keep marveling in what God has done for our son and for us! Everytime my son calls our name, we smile ... everytime he asks a question, we smile ... everytime he speaks of something he remembers, we smile. All because of the goodness of God! I recognize that God did not do what he did for just us, but for a whole lot of people. We have heard from many that their walk is better with God, because of our journey and because we did not give up! My son is sleeping now and that 10 1/2 year old face seems so sweet. I can remember when he was born, when he walked for the first time .. we he started growing into himself .. and I say THANK YOU LORD! Lord, thank you for the mighty miracle walking around my house today ..... THANK YOU!

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