Jul 2, 2007

HE gave me these boys to raise ...

When I think about my sons, I get excited about the task God laid before me, but when I think about it in my own strength, I get OVERWHELMED! I have a new respect for my mother (and father), but wow what a job a mother has in these times. It ain't easy. I must teach them how to be gentleman, BUT strong men. Why did God give us 3 soon to be men? One theory is because my husband is sooo good to me and I think God wanted what I have to be passed on to other women. He is definitely the kind of man you want duplicated, not perfect, but perfect for me! I get so excited and yes sometimes jealous when my husband comes home and ALL 3 boys jump for delight and cannot wait until daddy reaches all of them with a hug and kiss. (No my boys are not soft, but caring, caring, caring).

Today my oldest told me what the scripture focus was in church (He attends youth service), Phillipians 4:13, so we decided to teach my 2 year old the same scripture where he could repeat and try to understand. I CAN .. DO ALL .. THINGS THROUGH .. JESUS! He did it! Meanwhile, the same who is ALL boy jumps off bed, sofas, shelves, whatever is in the house than he can 123 jump .. and there he goes .. my youngest CANNOT wait he can hit the floor .. I am sure he will be crawling in a few weeks ..

All boys .. ALL BOYS .. but what else would we, could we want? My husband and I vowed to raise strong, healthy, Godly men who will be there for the women of tomorrow and there will 3 less women saying there are no men ... !!!!!!

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