Nov 2, 2007

So much for planning ...

When I posted our menu for the week, I felt REALLY good about well .. the week! As my daddy used to say, whodda thunk it, but my week did not go as planned and neither did the menu, although the thought was nice.

We did well Sunday and Monday well .. we ate the whole chicken, hense no chicken for the pot pie .. we NEVER eat the whole chicken, but now I must realize, I have 3 boys and a hubby .. and yes DeClan is eating from the table too! (SMILE) Tuesday Ethan did VERY well in school and finally conquered a math problem he has been working on for weeks, I told him he could have anything he wanted (within reason of course) and waht did he ask for? Tilapia. Tilapia? Yes, Tilapia! So I said ok .. we keep fresh to frozen in the deep freeze and I made homemade fries. That moved the roast to Wednesday.

I forgot we were going to attend the fall festival at church and I really wanted the boys to attend especially since the Ethan has been asking about Halloween and I wanted to show him what this family does as an alternative - - because as you know things are NOT the same as when I was 10. He had sooooo much fun. This is the first time in 4 years that he was able to play with anything, jump on anything, eat anything .. pure freedom!!!!! He hung out with one of his best friends and is still talking about it! Needless to say, the roast was in the crock pot and we ate VERY late, but we were all so tired after we ate, did homework, took baths, that I forgot to put the roast in the fridge, soooooooo now you see where I am going with this.
There was no roast to make Fajitas, so we made tacos and black beans instead and Friday we ate spaghetti with turkey italian sausage, because you see I had to use the ground beef for the chili to make tacos. URGHHH!
And today .. no we are not having totrilla soup, because it is cool now, but expected to be a little warm and ya'll I forgot AGAIN, that Darrell's birthday is tomorrow .. I didn't forget, I just had it scheduled for next weekend! (SMILE) Anyway, we CANNOT celebrate Sunday since my husband MAKES us attend the first service at church (7:50am) then we come home and HE fixes breakfast and then is glued to the sofa or the office chair for NFL FOOTBALL across the country. I can usually catch him between "breaks" for a quick question or two, BUT NEVER full conversation until at least 6:30 or so BEFORE the Sunday night game comes on ... whew!!! I see I have started another post .. please forgive me ...
Anywhoo ..... We are off to celebrate Darrell 40ish birthday with a scavenger hunt .. BUT I will say ... that although my menu and my plans for us FELL APART ... God already knew what this week would be like and guess what, we ate together all week .... and we are able to talk to one another ... Thank you Lord!
Jeremiah 29:11 ...
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future

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Jenn Jenn said...

You know, I just started praying and asking the Lord to guide my day for me. I try to plan and like what happened to you, I get sidetracked. But it is usually for a good reason. The Lord always knows what's best. :)

Love ya,

Jenn Jenn