Mar 26, 2008

Will somebody tell my body Spring Break is OVER?

We've been home since Saturday. We got home mid-morning, ate breakfast and CRASHED for 2 1/2 hours.... Ok, perhaps 4 hours. We got up and attended the Saturday evening services at our church for Easter (which was wonderful!) and came home to sleep some more.

I have unpacked 2 out of 4 suitcases and washed clothes so people in my house could have clean items to dry off with and have clothes to wear to work and school, but major laundry ... I am waiting until the pile gets really high. (sigh)

Someone at my church blessed me with a $500 makeover opportunity and I spent Monday evening getting a "redo" ... clothes included!!!!! (I'll blog more on this later, when my "after" is closer to BRAVO's Tim Gunn perfection! (SMILE) I had a BLAST and learned a lot about fashion, staple items, beauty tips that don't cost a lot and what MY body shape should really wear. I even had my eyebrows arched! For the first time .. ever ... in my life .. and I am almost 40 .. yeah I know, 40!

Tuesday morning I attended bible study where I presented Ethan's entire brain tumor journey. I was SO nervous, BUT GOD guided me through. I pray women were blessed by what God did in our lives! Ethan joined the children's choir and they had practice last night since they will be singing Sunday ... two services ... on my wedding anniversary ...

And today ... I HAVE to buy groceries. I bought just enough before we left to last until we left for vacation. I shudda though more about what happens when we get home ... hehehe

and so ... I need a few more days .. just a few more days .... I will be back later this weekend for the final installment about my baby ... ETHAN.

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