Jun 25, 2008

Final Days at Disney ...

Here are more pictures from the trip .....

We have A LOT of people to thank for this wonderful vacation (the first in 13 years for our family) but two non profit organizations get our family's "Above and Beyond" award!

Make a Wish Foundation - We had no idea when we were told 5 years ago about Ethan's brain tumor that once God healed him, we would be given the trip of a lifetime! MAW gave Ethan a bon voyage party a week before we left for Florida and gave the kids wish backpacks FULL of goodies! Even though this was Ethan's wish, the MAW staff did NOT leave out Austin and DeClan. You know around here we have to have 3 of everything.

We plan to continue working with this organization as a family for years and years to come! We were and ARE still today simply overwhelmed! Overwhelmed by the planning, the details, the friendly wish granters and on and on and on.

If you are thinking about a non-profit organization to support, please consider Make A Wish. Families dealing with sick and healing children need this "time away from the world".

Give Kids the World Village - This is the resort where we stayed. Home for all wish kids if they choose a trip to Disney. It felt like home away from home. 2 BIG bedrooms, whirlpool tub, pools, trains, video games, putt putt, and just flat out REALLY nice people, mostly volunteers. We all literally cried when we had to check out Friday. They catered to Ethan's EVERY need. Even had a pizza delivery to the villa every night if he wanted it and ice cream ooooo the ice cream .. D and I gained at least 10 pounds from the late night sundaes and shakes! :) All totally F-R-E-E! They also work with the local theme parks and attractions to make sure that the family has tickets to the parks they would like to visit, get free parking, and the parks make sure the wish child is able to move to the front of the line (whowhoo) no matter how long the line is (we were NOT rude when we moved in front of the lines, BUT thankful) and the parks also make sure that if there are some medical issues or needs, you have a place to "recollect" yourself.

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