Jun 15, 2008

Disney - Day One

Hats off to the Make a Wish Foundation for blessing us with this fantastic blow your mind vacation!

Saturday - we woke up at 3:00am so we could go to the parking and ride where we would leave our van so they could drop us off curbside at the airport for a 7:20am flight. We made it just in time, 5:15am.
We packed 4 suitcases to be checked and 3 backpacks for the flight FULL of snacks for the trip. No thank you to the 4 dollar breakfast sandwich!
We checked in, gave the AA rep our suitcases and got in line for the security check. But wait ... who had the tickets? Me? D? I checked us in while he was loading the bags and handling the stroller, but we both had to shown ID. Did the AA rep give us the boarding passes? Oh no, she just went on break ... go back and retrace our steps ... whew, there they are right there on the FLOOR!!! I breathe a HUGE sigh of relief and pray this is NOT the way things will go from here on out.
Thank you God for watching over the tickets!
We go through security with 3 kids, a stroller and backpacks for each person, oh yes and we had to take our shoes off of course! We wait for the flight to board and take one more bathroom break. We finally board the plane and we are off to Florida!

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