Jun 28, 2008

Call on Jesus

I don't mean to start this beautiful weekend with doom and gloom, but this has been another hard week. Not for me personally, but for people around me. The world seems to be falling apart .. broken relationships, unbiblical relationships forming, sick children, tragic deaths of young lives, ..... I then I made the mistake of watching the news last and the first 3 stories just sent me to my knees.

BUT GOD, thank God .. He is there for us to call on Him. He sees and He knows! He is NOT worried about the days ahead and I know I should not be either. I am going to trust Him and call on the Name of Jesus for every detail in my life and the things that are going on in this world.

Nicole C Mullen.


Mocha with Linda said...

Great song. And maybe you are one of the reasons I posted the song I did. . .

ocean mommy said...

Hmmm, God is using this song so much in my life this week....thanks for sharing!


Greg or Amy Wyatt said...

James 1:2-4 is one of my favorite passages in the Bible. Bless you for calling on Jesus, he is there for each of us. Greg

Cheryl said...

I so agree with you on our world today. There is just so much pain!

Love Nicole C. Mullen and this song!


Sara said...

What a beautiful song, thank you for sharing.