Jun 23, 2008

Disney - Magic Kingdom Day!

This is DeClan .. the photo is supposed to be at the bottom of the page ...

Here is the whole family with Mickey and Minnie! I didn't think I was star struck, but boy I felt a little goose pimple when they called us to take our pictures! As you can tell Austin and DeClan have no interest whatsoever in taking a picture, but afterwards they got a hug from Minnie and decided to hug Mickey too after they noticed he was looking on. :) Oh and my hair, do not look at my hair! Florida proved not the place for my hair. It was very uncomfortable to whole week, but I decided to grin and bear it.

So, we were off to Disneyworld and planned to spend the whole day at one park. We gathered our frozen water and snacks and headed to Magic Kingdom. I had been to Disneyworld before, but never Magic Kingdom.

Once you park and get on the tram you still have to get on the monorail or the Ferry to get to the entrance of the park. Not a bad proposition, but remember we had 3 kids, a stroller, backpacks, and 2 WalMart bags full of frozen water. I had no plans of paying 2.50 for a 50 cent bottle of water. Ya know?

By this time in our trip D had become a pro grabbing the kids out of the stroller, closing the stroller and jumping on the tram in 15 seconds. I will admit the glide through the Disney property (we chose the monorail) was nice and we even went through Disney's contemporary hotel - - yes, I said THROUGH. Seemed odd to have a real live monorail passing through the lobby of the hotel, but if it works for them, okaaay.

We finally made our way to the entrance of the park where we had to have our bags and purses searched for an contraband, but I swear if you have kids and lots of bags, by the third bag it seemed as though the ruler was only being used to shuffle some papers. (kinda scary when you think about it.)

We went in the entrance and the first thing we saw was Cinderella's castle! It was beautiful, magical, bigger than I imagined and HOT! Ya'll at 10:00 in the morning, it was ALREADY hot! So yes, by 12noon all that frozen water we brought in was just as lukewarm and the water in my birdbath right now, but that is another story. eeeuuuwwww

Anyhoo, we just had to get some of those Mickey Ears - the trip could not have been complete without them Austin said, so we ponied up $30.00 for all 3 to have ears and $9.00 to get their names embroidered on the back. DeClan could have cared less .. he kept throwing his ears out of the stroller, but my pictures would have looked so bad without them. Mommies, you know how we want certain pictures to look? EARS HAD TO BE PURCHASED .. even if that meant me cooking or making sandwiches that night. (hehehe)

I also plan to have the ears framed in a two sided photo box so we can really enjoy the memories of this great vacation.

We met up with some friends and tried to ride every ride available to us at Magic Kingdom. We took frequent water breaks and might possibly know every shade opportunity in the park. Did I tell you it was hot? Ethan had a ball driving me around in the cars, flying up and down on Dumbo with his dad, eating very sticky cotton candy and lots of lemon icees, LOTS!

Before we knew it Ethan got sick from all the heat and we had to make our way to the Wish building to sit down and cool off. (Disney is so great with the Wish families). We checked in the wish area and sat down for about an hour. Ethan was able to play some games and watch Disney movies. He was better after 30 minutes or so. He has been doing so well, we tend to forget or are suppressing it) that he still has some medical issues.

I took time to cool down and then resume my mommy duties by changing diapers, pull ups and clothes and watering down the younger two so they could be a little more comfortable. Now of course everyone was hungry.

We made our way to an Old-Fashion Hot Dog/Corny Dog stop and ate until we could not eat anymore. Everything was fresh, everything was good (it better be at $35.00), but we felt refreshed, which was all that mattered at that point. Have you ever been around 3 kids who are starving? Even though we had just had snacks an hour earlier?

Just as we finished eating, the mid afternoon Magic Kingdom parade started and we knew we were not moving because we had the best seats in the house. Number one we had seats, number two we were right up front. Boy was it a hoot! All the characters (I know they were dying in the costumes) came riding through on the floats and the kids were so giddy to see all their favorite characters.

The parade ended, D joined at the table (he was taping the parade for us) and we left to see more Magic Kingdom. Out of nowhere ... the wind started blowing, lighting started dancing across the sky and rain, heavy rain started coming down in buckets .... and we had to hide out and wait.

It had rained a lot this vacation, but most of the time the showers would cool us off and stop within 10 minutes. NOT this time. We waited for more than an hour and a half and when it let up just a little, we decided to go home.

We made it back to the monorail where the line was so long, I knew it would be forever before we got back to the village. Not to mention that the monorail IS electric, so weren't just able to HOP on .. so we waited more, but met some very nice families while we were in line, because DeClan had become our family ambassador, waving and winking at all the ladies around him.

I cannot for the life figure out how to get the pictures under or over the right paragraphs. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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