Jun 1, 2007

Milestones ...

My middle son is 2 years old and talking up a storm. I love when he prays at night and you can only make out 1 or 2 words, but he is SERIOUS and then he says AhMan! This week he was full of new words I had not heard him say ... and I had to jog them down ...

1) Pchips (wipe my face, he got me good)
2) Highchaw
3) Seet down Elmo
4) Hug, mum, hug and if I don't respond MUMMY! MUMMY! HuuuuG!
5) Cackers (Crackers)
6) Mo, please
7) Haahnd (hand)
8) Cwoes (long o), Clothes
9) Sherrt
10) Pay (Pray or play) depending on what he is pointing to and what time of day it is ..
11) Gaapes (Grapes)
12) Bees and Rice (Beans and rice)
13) When he sees our Pastor anywhere, picture or in person (JESUS!)
14) Ahman (AMEN)
15) Shot (He wants to play basketball outside)

The youngest (6 1/2 months) on the other hand is squealing and yelling (just discovered his voice) and now scooting out of my lap (yes, I said scoot) to get down on the floor w/ his babbas. When I finally give in .. he gets up on his hands and hind legs and rocks and rocks ... This is something docs said we might now see 'cause brother is just plain PHAT! Yeah Booba!

And of course my oldest (10) ... is still my baby .. is growing in God, asking more thought prevoking questions, teaching his younger brothers what Dad and Mom have instructed for this household ... and is almost tall as me!

Thank you Lord for growing these kids .. what a wonder .. seeing you in them each step of the way ..

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