May 25, 2007

Love the one you're with ...

This is an old song, but I keep hearing this phrase over and over again this week. Love the one you are with. Love the one you're with! On one side I have marriages falling apart around me and on the other side new marriages forming with people saying, "if it works okay and if it doesn't, that is okay too". Is it? Why do we do this to ourselves .. allow Satan to set us up for attacks? He is already very busy and very crafty and does not need any help. Why do we get married? Why did I get married? I got married because I fell in love with my husband "Fish". We met and married in the same year (with counseling and approval from parents and our Pastor). It was love at first sight, but God was front and center in this relationship and we kept asking, is this what we should do? He was writing to God, I was writing to God and all along we were looking out for one another. I am NOT saying everyone should do this, but I know without a shadow of a doubt and now tweleve years later, that this was what we were supposed to do. We do not complete each other, that was already done BEFORE we were married, but we complement each other and we are about doing God's work TOGETHER!

Love is a feeling, but you need way more than lovely feelings when you are about to scream to the top of your lungs and mentally hit your loved one over the head! Love is a continual action. Love is not self serving .. if it was I'da (SMILE) been out of here a long time ago, BUT see that is what I am saying .. people give up at the first sign of trouble .. he puts the toilet paper up instead of down, he doesn't like Colgate (wudda you mean, you can get that stuff for .25cents after coupons and a sale at Krogers .. sorry that is another blog entry) .. but really the first sign of "differences" people are ready to head to Judge Mabalene .. no way, no way .... Why is it that when people get married, they RUNNNNNNN to the church, but when it is time for help and healing .. the last place they want to see is the church? You must think at every turn, what would Jesus do? I'm serious .. what would Jesus do when your spouse innocently says you might need to do some extra walking this week - - I (Natural) would say .. what? And who are you .. isn't that your second helping on ice cream or whatever .. you are a spender, he is saver? You spank, he spoils? You cannot run away! Just as we have run to Jesus to bless the union, you have run back to Jesus as things are falling apart! The grass is NOT greener on the other side, I mean, really check it .. it could be some of that grass in jar stuff) no really, check it .. when you leave the one you are with .. you arer just jumping into another fire this time with more stuff to blow up the fire because this time you have some junk to put in the fire.
DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT! Pray and ask God for radical HELP! I am not saying I know what people are going through that are going through a breakup, seperation or whatever, but please STOP, Look, and Listen to what God is saying .. even if you do not like it. Be truthful and honest with yourself and God, He alreadyknows .. but wants to hear from you!

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