Jun 4, 2007

Did someone say breastfeed?

I know I heard someone say "breastfeeding is best" a million times before I had my children, but I NEVER heard anyone say, sweetie GET READY, this ain't no joke!! Get ready for sore this, sore that, put lanolin cream on the grocery list, oh yeah nursing pads (HA!) .. can you say 2 gallons each side? What nursing pad is gonna hold all that? No one said, sweetie you will need to practice, practice WITH the baby, because despite all the Baby Story episodes, IT AIN'T THAT EASY for everyone!

Now I breastfed and am still nursing the youngest for positive health reasons and because it was one of God's gift to this new one income family. Can you say FREE milk and I just heard on the 10:00 news that all dairy is going up 100% by this fall. Milk could be 5.00 a gallon. I just wish that someone had told me what to REALLY expect. Wet shirt, wet face (crying) disappointment, no latching on and formula that never looked good before .. bring it on! But you will survive and especially now that this nursing momma ain't gonna hold back no more ..

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