Jun 25, 2007


When I tell you our God is amazing, you better believe me.
Prayer has been going up over this matter for 4 years!

For the last month or so, my husband and I have been praying for a decision we needed to make regarding our oldest son and his brain tumor removal surgery. Bascially, we have been asking God to show us where he should have it. Two surgeons have said they would perform the surgery and we have struggled to have peace about our decision if we chose one surgeon over the other. Both we have been told are VERY good at what they do, but this is BRAIN SURGERY on our son~! We sought wise counsel from our Pastor and he told us if there was no huge difference between the two surgeons - seek counsel from an additional surgeon (one we had originally contacted, but his health prevented him from performing the surgery) and ask if he would make a recommendation. When I called his office, I was told they would be out on vacation until June 25. I sent an email to the lead surgeon, but did not expect to hear from him. Don't you know that he emailed right back! He said he could not make a recommendation either way, but I thanked him for the consideration. Yesterday my youngest was dedicated at church and here is how God unfolded his wonderment:

*This was NOT the original Sunday we requested for the dedication. We rescheduled 2 times
*We have always dedicated our children at the second service - this time it was the 1st service
*We were the ONLY family. Normally there are at least 2 families or more
*Pastor requested we provided an update on our son (we did NOT know he was gonna do this), this allowed the Holy Spirit to speak, not me
* It was all a blur, but the Holy Spirit told me to mention the surgeon we chose just this past Friday to do the surgery (Dr. Bradley Weprin)

After the prayer and as we go to our seats a very eccentric looking man says, we will be praying for your son and he will be okay .. I nod my head and say thank you make my way back to our pew. After church this man and his wife are introduced to us by a friend of ours and the man tells me that he knows the doctor very well and his wife is a pediatric cardiologist at the same hospital where my son will have the surgery. What? What did you say? I froze and then cried, cried and cried. They both said that Dr. Weprin is a great person and surgeon and that he will take care of Jordan.
Now we know who will take care of Ethan (Jehovah-Rophe), but what confirmation for our decision!

Look at God .. He chose the service we would dedicate our son in, He made is so we would have to change the dates for the dedication, He allowed this couple to "visit" OCBF this particular Sunday, God orchestrated that no other couple would dedicate their children at the first service, thus allowing Pastor to ask for an update on our son, God did not want a "rehersed" speech from me, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through me, God made it so, this couple would know (from almost 15 years ago or more) our friends and allowing an introduction AFTER the service. Go GOD!

And if that wasn't enough .... a young man came up to us AFTER service and said he wanted to pray with me and my son, because he had also gone through this same battle 20 years ago and he was fine now and doing well. Can you believe that?

Our God is an AWESOME God, He reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and love, our God is an AWESOME God!

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Chrystal said...


Tears are coming to my eyes as I read the Lord's working outs in your life. It is so awesome to SEE him. I'm so happy to hear of the voice of the Lord jumping up loud and clear in your life.

Looking forward to continued TESTIMONIES!