Feb 1, 2008

Good day ..

I am sick, very, very sick. I just can't shake this cold, yuck, junk, allergies .... whatever it is. God sure knows how to brighten my day though ...

Me: I love you DeClan (14 months)
DeClan: I lu u (w/ a kiss on my cheek)
Me: Oooohhhhhh

Thank you DeClan, my last baby .. mommy so needed that!

Now for another cup of theraflu, niquil, sprite, something to soothe my throat ... and prayers so my babies won't catch this junk.

Have a blessed weekend ... BE a blessing to someone ...

1 comment:

Jenn Jenn said...

Would you like some 'stay in the bed' time this weekend?? I can surely help with that... :)